phm update, december….

Is tomorrow the third Friday of December, already?  Amazing ~ it feels like it was just Thanksgiving!

Well, the third Friday of the month means that it’s time for the Primitive Handmades Mercantile update, and here’s what I have to show for myself…

ewe and ewe two...

ewe and ewe two…

If you’d like, you can visit Ewe and Ewe Two in my PHM shop by clicking here.

I’ve been working on a few other things….

bunny and sheep rocker...

bunny and sheep rocker…

but mostly I’ve been enjoying this holiday season ~ how about you?


phm update….

It’s time for November’s Primitive Handmades Mercantile update!  Here’s what I have to offer:

merry christmas!

merry christmas!

This is a two-sided Santa Claus wand.  The first side, above, says, “Merry Christmas”, the second side, below, says, “ho ho ho!”

ho ho ho!

ho ho ho!

I also listed the snowman I showed you the other day.

jingle bell snowman

jingle bell snowman

If you’d like to take a look at either of these pieces you can visit my shop at PHM by clicking here.

In the meantime, in our neck of the woods it is utterly Freezing… 0 degree wind chills… brrrrrr!  Snow, snow, snow, blow, blow, blow.  Some of us know how to stay warm….

the oatbran

the oatbran

There’s nothing quite like a lap and a fuzzy blanket!


happy weekend to you!



let it snow…..

Over in our neck of the woods it’s downright…..



COLD!  “They” are calling for up to 9″ of snow in West Michigan before nightfall tomorrow.  Must be time to build a snowman!



This is the kind of snowman I like to make.  The kind that can be whipped up inside, where it’s warm and snug, and where there’s always a friend….



or two…..

lilly and otis....

lilly and otis

or three…

lilly, ellis, otis

lilly, ellis, otis…. i don’t think my lap will hold any more.

…to share a lap.

I think today’s snowman will go into my PHM shop next Friday when we have our update.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

For now, I’ll keep him inside with me where he can watch the snowflakes drift outside the window.

Until next time, be warm and happy!



it’s beginning to look….

a LOT like Christmas!

ohhhhh nooooo, snoooooow!

ohhhhh nooooo, snoooooow!

Of course, this dusting won’t last, but, if we’re going to have snow we might as well have Santa, too!

"ho, ho, ho!"

“ho, ho, ho!”

I started this particular Claus in June…. yes, June.  I meant to have him completed for Christmas in July, but, well, we didn’t have any snow in July, in fact the weather was so fabulous this summer that I hardly ever came indoors.

ticking stripe stocking

ticking stripe stocking

I punched Santa in a sort of brownish~pinkish color ~ Valdani JP6, Muddy Pots, and gave him a functional stocking and some rusty bells.   He measures about 13″ high x about 16″ long including the rocker.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The stocking can be removed.

another little pocket!

another little pocket!

I backed him with the same ticking I used to cover the rocker which is a slice of antique wood bowl I salvaged.  The decorative ends are vintage clock feet.

"giddy up!"

“giddy up!”

Santa loves to rock~n~…..OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

…roll!  He’s pretty excited about the snow.

How about you guys, Ellis and Otis?  Are you ready for winter?

"yep" ~ellis "Yep" ~the oatbran

“yep, ready” ~ellis
“Yep, all snug here” ~the oatbran

How about you Lilly?

"what? did you say winter???" ~lilly-kins

“what? did you say winter???” ~lilly-kins

Any thoughts you’d like to share about winter or snow, Lilly?

"wake me when it's spring" ~lilly

“you bet i have some thoughts, but this blog is rated g.  wake me when it’s spring” ~lilly

Maybe you’d like to make your own Santa?  Here’s a sketch….

Please, feel free to share this pattern with others, but please do not copy the pattern for mass production, nor make more than 10 finishes from this pattern ~ thanks!  I like to change the shape of the hat and the length of Santa's coat for each piece I make, you're welcome to make additions or deletions as you'd like, too.

santa pattern

Please excuse the scribbles, as I said this is just a sketch.  You should be able to drag the drawing to your desktop and print from there.  Please, feel free to share this pattern with others, but please do not copy the pattern for mass production, nor make more than 10 finishes from this pattern ~ thanks!  I like to change the shape of the hat and the length of Santa’s coat for each piece I make, you’re welcome to make additions or deletions as you’d like, too.


I’ll let you know when I list this Claus on etsy, if you’re interested.


Stay warm and ho, ho, ho!



red is the new neutral…

The color red has been catching my eye, lately, so when I saw this design from Lori Brechlin I knew it was my next project.

lori's tulip

lori’s tulip

The neutral colors Lori chose for the border and central motif made the red seem like an extension of said neutrals, at least to my mind.

Ellis helped me throughout this project, didn’t you Ellis?

"yep" ~ellis

“yep” ~ellis

Here are the colors I chose for my Tulip:

"i chose these colors myself!" ~ellis

i chose these colors myself!” ~ellis

These are all Valdani #12 perle cotton which I punched using the lowest setting (#1) on my Cameo needle.  From left to right they are:

5 ~ ecru

h205 ~ ancient gold

p5 ~ tarnished gold

pt2 ~ green twisted tweed

160 ~ light maroon

o510 ~ terracotta twist

What do you think of the colors “I” chose, Ellie?

"wow! fabulous!" ~ellis

“wow! fabulous!” ~ellis

Here’s the tulip mid-project.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Here’s the finished piece.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I made it into a pillow stuffed with crushed walnut shells.  Here’s the back.

i love little pockets

i love little pockets

So, you see, with a lot of help from Ellis I’m able to start and finish a project!

You can find this and other Lori Brechlin patterns by visiting her blog here.

You can see more pics of my tulip on etsy, if you’d like by clicking here.

What are you working on?

May you have all the assistance you require!




making cards…..

A couple of years ago, Lori Brechlin invited me to be part of her “Ghoultide” celebration/sale at Notforgotten Farm.   After it was over, I sent her a thank you note, and I had so much fun making it that I thought I’d share the process with you…. better late than never!



Above are the supplies I gathered together to make the thank you card.  Distress Ink, stamps, plain notecards, and a piece of plastic (Saran wrap works well).



I used Distress Ink in Walnut Stain to stamp, lightly, a pattern around the perimeter of the plain notecard.  Then, using the same ink, I took my piece of plastic, wadded it up into a ball, applied some Distress Ink to the plastic and rubbed it lightly all over the notecard, emphasizing the edges.

done aging

done aging

Now, the whole notecard is lightly aged.

stitch, stitch

stitch, stitch

Using the zig zag stitch on my sewing machine, I sewed all the way around the edge of the notecard.

mod podge and tea bag paper

mod podge and tea bag paper

Then, with Mod Podge at the ready, and a used tea bag, which I emptied of tea, dried, and unfolded, I made a patch on the inside of the card.

stamp, stamp

stamp, stamp

Before adhering the tea bag, I stamped “Thank You” where the patch will lay (or is it lie?  I can never remember the lay, lie, laid rule).

all glued...

all glued...

That tea bag surely makes the “Thank You” pop!

a few embellishments

a few embellishments

Now, I need to decorate the front of the card.  I’m thinking aged tags and antique buttons.PA260055-1

A few stamped letters and the card is all done!PA260053

I love making cards, but they do take TONS of time ~ I mean HOURS!  How about you?  Do you make your own thank you’s?


I’d love to see some!




little witch……

I’ve finished a few (a very few) things this week.  Up first is a White Witch…..

white witch

white witch

This is a design from Lori Brechlin of Notforgotten Farm ~ click here for Lori’s blog.    This piece was right up my alley….. neutral colors, simple subject ~ what two more forgiving  characteristics could I ask for?



I mounted White Witch on a salvaged piece of wood from a steamer trunk.  I love the original plaid paper!



On the right side of the wood backing, just about level with the pumpkin, you can see an original steamer-trunk-tack.  I love little touches like that!

I know Lilly is all about authentic details like steamer trunk tacks… aren’t you Lilly?

"what?" ~ the lilly-kins

“what?” ~ the lilly-kins

Well…. Ellis is detail oriented, aren’t you Ellis?

"oh my gosh.  you aren't going to bother me about every little thing, are you?" ~ the elle-belle

“oh my gosh. you aren’t going to bother me about every little thing, are you?” ~ the elle-belle

Oh well.  You can find White Witch in my etsy shop by clicking here if you’d like.


Until the next finish, be happy!



phm update…..

It’s time for October’s Primitive Handmades Mercantile update!  Here’s what I’m offering this month….

a tiny bit of merry

a tiny bit of merry

The three punched pieces are from a design by Lori Brechlin of Notforgotten Farm (click here for Lori’s blog).  I found the wee, bitty wreath on Amazon (click here).  It’s billed as a 10″ wreath, but that is a real stretch.  The opening in the center is just 2″ across, and when I fanned the wreath out as much as I could without damaging it, I was able to get it to measure 7″ across.  Perfect for this particular application, I think.


If you’d like to visit me on PHM click here.  To get to PHM’s homepage, click here.

Enjoy the weekend!



thoughtful thursday…..

It’s a rainy day here, but the world is awash in Autumn’s palette.  I wish I could photograph the nearly neon glow I see outside my window to share with you… somehow my point-and-shot isn’t up to the challenge.  So, here’s a snippit I like almost as much as I love Fall’s brilliance…..

you were expecting a more serious thought from me, weren't you?  some days i just gotta laugh!

you were expecting a more serious thought from me, weren’t you? some days i just gotta laugh!

Laugh out loud whenever you can!