taking a risk…..

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i miss hooking.  really, really miss it.  so, today i stepped way outside my comfort zone and spent money i don’t have to invest in a future i really want to pursue.

bee line townsend 14″ rug hooking frame

i purchased this rug hooking frame….

bee line townsend #10 long cutter kit

… and this cutter from The Merry Hooker ~ click here for her shop.


this is an investment, a big one, and i’m somewhat terrified.  why?  well, for three reasons:

ellis, otis and lilly on the track of “something” (i don’t even want to know what).


my 3 best friends are also my worst enemies when it comes to hooking.  they want to lounge, languish and lie on my rugs… not just the finished ones, which they love to pull apart, but more importantly the ones that i’m working on… while i’m working on them.  i’m hoping, hoping, hoping, that now that they’re a little older they’ll allow me to hook without playing with my wool strips, napping on my lap, biting my hook, and generally making themselves PRESENT….


wish me luck!




lilly and ellis "help"

lilly and ellis “help”

Despite the fact that I had two cats in my lap while I punched Wynter, I was able to finish it without too much trouble.

"are you sure you're doing that right?" ~lilly

“are you sure you’re doing that right?” ~lilly

Lilly never completely trusts me with the sewing machine.

"let me get a closer look."  ~lilly

“let me get a closer look.” ~lilly

Once I have Lilly’s approval I’m able to move on with the finishing and details like a paper tag.

I wanted Wynter to look a little like a snow globe, so I mounted it on an antique porcelain doorknob. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I love little pockets, bone buttons and ticking!



When I punched the snowflakes I used a higher setting on my Cameo needle.  I think I set it on #4.

Do you like snowflakes, Ellis?


“snowflakes? are they edible? i’ll try anything once.” ~ellis

I stuffed Wynter with fluff and crushed walnut shells, and finished the whole piece off with a bit of ribbon.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

What do you think of Wynter, Otis?

"winter? i prefer to sleep through it, thank you." ~otis

“winter? i prefer to sleep through it, thank you.” ~otis

I also finished In The Meadow, a Lori Brechlin designs (click here for her etsy shop).

in the meadow

in the meadow

This is my second In The Meadow pillow this season.  I don’t typically punch a design more than once, but every so often a pattern pulls at my heartstrings…  Sort of like my little friend Josie does…



You can visit Wynter and In The Meadow in my etsy shop by clicking here, if you’d like.

wishing you a warm and happy day!




new from notforgotten farm……

The other day, when I posted my last, I visited Lori Brechlin’s etsy shop to create a link for you to her offerings.  I started looking through all Lori’s wonderful punch needle patterns and found that she’d added some new designs since the last time I’d been at her shop…. oh boy, was I excited!

farmhouse chores series

farmhouse chores series

I ordered, and received, this fabulous four entitled, “farmhouse chores series”…..

two little fun ones

two little fun ones

… and I couldn’t resist, “tokens of love” and, “polka dot angel”.  Now, of course, the trouble is, which one to start with?  You can stop by Lori’s Notforgotten Farm etsy shop by clicking here.

I’ll have to check out my other favorite designers to see what they’ve been up to!

What fun!



in the meadow….

Thank you one and all for your Merry Christmas wishes!  I hope you, too, had the type of day you look forward to all year!

Thank you, also, for all your kind comments about the piece I posted!  It’s a fabulous design from Lori Brechlin of Notforgotten Farm entitled, “In the Meadow”.  It’s available in her etsy shop (click here), or you can visit her blog which is wonderful! (click here)

I punched, “In the Meadow” while I was house sitting for my sister in November….

"i think these are good!" ~miss mudge

“i think these are good!” ~miss mudge

Little Miss Mudge helped me choose my palette.

lovely valdani

lovely valdani

I used all of the above colors, except for the two blues pictured to the right of the red floss.  Here’s how I used them from left to right:

h212 ~ date, snowman hat, eye, arms and buttons, children’s boots

o510 ~ date outline, children’s coats and hats

h205 ~ snowman nose

p3 ~ trees, children’s mittens

jp4 ~ children’s faces

5 ~ background, except around date

3 ~ snow, snowman, date background, children’s hat trim, and a little squiggle of background



This is how it looked before I aged the embroidery with coffee.  I get almost all my Valdani from Snowflake Memories (click here), which is a wonderful online resource for floss!

As is usual for me, I used two strands of size #12 perle cotton in my Cameo Punch Needle, set at the lowest loop height #1.



I backed the finished embroidery with ticking and stuffed it with sawdust from Notforgotten Farm.  Then, I added a little pocket with an antique bone button, and a paper tag.



Though this pillow has sold, I am working on another version which should be finished soon….

in the meadow 2

in the meadow 2

I used exactly the same Valdani colors for this one, except that instead of using the jp4 for the children’s faces I used the p3, and instead of the red o510 I used the light blue jp11, which is shown in the photo of flosses near the top of this post.

We’re still waiting for snow, here in West Michigan.  In fact, we’re still waiting for cold temps.  It was 60 degrees last Wednesday!

Wishing you a little bit of bliss today, and every day!



stockings complete….



I’ve finished my Halloween stockings!  So fun!  The White Witch, in the middle, has sold but the other two are available in my etsy shop.

bird in the hand primitives

bird in the hand primitives

Really, my favorite bits are the stocking stuffers!

notforgotten farm

notforgotten farm

Trick or Treat!



phm june update….

Here we are coming up on the 3rd Friday of June, already, and I have a couple of things ready for the Primitive Handmades Mercantile update.

"flowers" a maggie bonanomi design

“flowers” a maggie bonanomi design

Both the above and the below are punched pillows stuffed with organic sawdust from Notforgotten Farm.

"honey bee" a lori brechlin design

“honey bee” a lori brechlin design

If you’d like to see more photos of these pillows you can click here to visit my phm shop, after 9pm tomorrow, Thursday June 19.

You can find Lori’s sawdust and all her other wonderful offerings by visiting her blog, here.

I couldn’t find a link specific to Maggie Bonanomi, but if you do a google search you’ll find lots of sites for her books and patterns.

bask in the sunshine!



horse on a hill colors….

Diana asked me, a while…. quite a while ago, for the colors I used on Lori Brechlin’s Horse On A Hill design.  Here’s my finished piece…

horse on a hill, design by lori brechlin

horse on a hill, design by lori brechlin

What a FUN project this was, way back in 2012.  Here’s Lori’s blog link where you just may be able to find this awesome design… click here.  The above photo shows Horse on a Hill stained and aged.  Below shows it in it’s “virgin”, just punched, state….

no stains here

no stains here

It’s amazing what a little coffee will do!   And, here are the colors I used….OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Bottom row, left to right:  5, p3, H205, P9, P6

Top row, left to right:  JP11, 100, JP9, O579

Here’s what I used each for:

5 ~ for the lightest bits ~ scallops along edge, barn and fence

P3 ~ barn roof, spots on horse

H205 ~ large sunflower

P9 ~ horse, sunflower centers and a bit of the scalloped edge

P6 ~ small sunflower

JP11 ~ lighter background

100 ~ bluer background

JP9 ~ light green part of the hill

O579 ~ dark green part of the hill

These are all Valdani perle cotton #12 flosses which I used on my Cameo punch needle set at the lowest setting (#1), using two strands of each floss.

I hope this helps you, Diana, and anyone else interested in reenacting this version of Horse on a Hill!


Take care y’all!



p.s. are you ready for Santa???

red is the new neutral…

The color red has been catching my eye, lately, so when I saw this design from Lori Brechlin I knew it was my next project.

lori's tulip

lori’s tulip

The neutral colors Lori chose for the border and central motif made the red seem like an extension of said neutrals, at least to my mind.

Ellis helped me throughout this project, didn’t you Ellis?

"yep" ~ellis

“yep” ~ellis

Here are the colors I chose for my Tulip:

"i chose these colors myself!" ~ellis

i chose these colors myself!” ~ellis

These are all Valdani #12 perle cotton which I punched using the lowest setting (#1) on my Cameo needle.  From left to right they are:

5 ~ ecru

h205 ~ ancient gold

p5 ~ tarnished gold

pt2 ~ green twisted tweed

160 ~ light maroon

o510 ~ terracotta twist

What do you think of the colors “I” chose, Ellie?

"wow! fabulous!" ~ellis

“wow! fabulous!” ~ellis

Here’s the tulip mid-project.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Here’s the finished piece.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I made it into a pillow stuffed with crushed walnut shells.  Here’s the back.

i love little pockets

i love little pockets

So, you see, with a lot of help from Ellis I’m able to start and finish a project!

You can find this and other Lori Brechlin patterns by visiting her blog here.

You can see more pics of my tulip on etsy, if you’d like by clicking here.

What are you working on?

May you have all the assistance you require!




making cards…..

A couple of years ago, Lori Brechlin invited me to be part of her “Ghoultide” celebration/sale at Notforgotten Farm.   After it was over, I sent her a thank you note, and I had so much fun making it that I thought I’d share the process with you…. better late than never!



Above are the supplies I gathered together to make the thank you card.  Distress Ink, stamps, plain notecards, and a piece of plastic (Saran wrap works well).



I used Distress Ink in Walnut Stain to stamp, lightly, a pattern around the perimeter of the plain notecard.  Then, using the same ink, I took my piece of plastic, wadded it up into a ball, applied some Distress Ink to the plastic and rubbed it lightly all over the notecard, emphasizing the edges.

done aging

done aging

Now, the whole notecard is lightly aged.

stitch, stitch

stitch, stitch

Using the zig zag stitch on my sewing machine, I sewed all the way around the edge of the notecard.

mod podge and tea bag paper

mod podge and tea bag paper

Then, with Mod Podge at the ready, and a used tea bag, which I emptied of tea, dried, and unfolded, I made a patch on the inside of the card.

stamp, stamp

stamp, stamp

Before adhering the tea bag, I stamped “Thank You” where the patch will lay (or is it lie?  I can never remember the lay, lie, laid rule).

all glued...

all glued...

That tea bag surely makes the “Thank You” pop!

a few embellishments

a few embellishments

Now, I need to decorate the front of the card.  I’m thinking aged tags and antique buttons.PA260055-1

A few stamped letters and the card is all done!PA260053

I love making cards, but they do take TONS of time ~ I mean HOURS!  How about you?  Do you make your own thank you’s?


I’d love to see some!