PHM santa stocking finish…

ellis and lilly

Evidently, it took me a LOT longer to complete my Primitive Handmades Mercantile challenge than I anticipated.  Even Lilly couldn’t stay awake during the final stages!  However, after a few errors and false starts, I have, at last, finished Santa.  He is listed on the PHM site in my store ~ FYI, Primitive Handmades Mercantile is having a $75 CASH GIVEAWAY, good for use in any PHM shop, next Friday, Black Friday!  Click here to visit PHM and get all the details!


The stocking measures about 14″ long x 9.5″ wide.


After I aged Santa and chose the fabric for lining and backing, I stitched it all together.  Otis helped…

otis helps me stitch


I left the knickers pocket intact on the back (if you missed my earlier posts, I used an antique suit of clothes about the size a toddler would wear.  It was made entirely of linen with bone and shell buttons ~ fabulous!).

pocket from the knickers


For the lining, I used a vintage sweater of merino wool with silver flecks.

vintage sweater lining

I finished the stocking with a hanger made from a strap taken from the interior waist of the knickers.  I added two of the bone buttons, one on either side of the hanger.


With the stocking complete, the back has an accessible pocket, perhaps for slipping in a few crisp, new dollar bills…

stocking back

The colors of the front are soft, muted and humble…

warm and aged

I have listed Santa in my PHM shop.  You can click here to visit him, if you’d like.

Happy Friday and a joyful weekend to you all!







next installment of PHM santa challenge…

do not disturb…

It’s been a quiet week, which the boys appreciate.  I closed my “necessary-for-working” index finger in a door a few days ago, and very little has been done in the way of punching or hooking or typing… or anything, really!  However, we (my finger and I) are on the mend and itching to return to Santa and his stocking!

Before I was wounded in battle, (yes, it was a battle ~ I was waging war against the years and years of accumulation of “stuff” at my mother’s.  I may have lost that round but I lived to fight another day!) I was able to make a start on aging and finishing Santa.


I filled a cookie sheet (“jelly roll pan, dear” I can hear my mother say) with left over coffee, tucked the outer edges of weavers cloth under Santa and set him afloat.  I’ll leave him to absorb the coffee and go look for something with which to back the stocking.  I know Santa will be safe on the kitchen counter because I have a sentinel on guard.

yes, that’s otis, and yes, he’s on the kitchen counter, and no, I won’t be making Xmas cookies to share with friends this year…

Originally, I had planned to line and back the stocking with wool, but then, I remembered a little suit of clothes.

lovely linen

I purchased this outfit at an antique store, and I think it will be just the thing.  It is a little boy’s suit and is in beautiful condition.  The knickers have bone buttons on the inside of the waistband, the shirt has shell buttons throughout ~ oh lovely, lovely!  (The table that the suit is on, in the photo, is only 3 feet long, so this outfit must have been worn by a toddler or small boy.)  The top, in particular, has the most beautiful mottling of color, from age, and will be a perfect foil for Santa!

Now that Santa has aged and dried, let’s see if I’m right…

oh boy, oh boy!

I think so!  Yes, I do think so!

Now, to decide how best to utilize that lovely fabric, those wonderful buttons, and those intriguing pockets!  Lilly is ready to help me…

between a soft place and a softer place

I, foolishly as it turns out, lean forward to look more closely at the buttons and pockets of the little suit.  Lilly, always ready to assist (in her own comfort), slips between my back and my chair.  Yes, that’s my grey cable-knit-sweater-clad-back you see in the above pic, and Lilly has wedged herself between it and my warm, soft, heating-padded-chair.  I can’t lean back, and I can’t lean forward, and so, here I sit, in this rather uncomfortable posture, until Lilly moves on to greener pastures and fresh fields anew…


May your day be filled with comfort and joy!






more PHM santa challenge…

otis and ellis

While Otis and Ellis snooze, Lilly and I get to work on our Primitive Handmades Mercantile Santa Challenge.

adding some interest

I had originally thought that the stocking background would be Valdani 5 and only Valdani 5, but on further reflection I decided that little lines of Valdani 6 ~ a darker ecru ~ would be more interesting.  I think this will be especially true once the stocking is aged.  Because I use different Cameo needles for each color, and because each Cameo needle has its own personality, the darker ecru will be a slightly different height than the Valdani 5, even though I’m punching both colors on the #1 setting.  These different floss heights ultimately add texture and the appearance of age to a finished piece.  (wow! this really sounds like I’ve been analyzing Cameos and their effects on flosses and flosses and their effects on Cameos.  Don’t be fooled.  It’s trial and error, trial and error, all the way for me, not study and research!)

What does Lilly think of my monumental decision?

think, think, think…

I’m not sure if she’s pondering or if she’s manifesting despair.  I’ll ask her again ~ maybe a different view of Santa will help…

take a closer look, lilly

Well, Lilly what do you think?

busy with her own affairs

I guess Lilly is like me, she needs to see the punching finished before she can pass judgement.

done punching

Ok Lilly, last chance to weigh in with an opinion.  What do you think?

bronx cheer

Though Lilly may give my efforts the raspberry, I rather like Santa, so will take some time to consider how best to age him.  In the meanwhile, I’d better check in on the boys and make sure they aren’t tearing the house to shreds.

no worries

Guess I needn’t have bothered!


Enjoy some slumber today (for tomorrow we must vote!)…










PHM santa challenge continued…

ellis and lilly

While Ellis and Lilly recover from the Halloween festivities (we had a total of 12 trick or treat-ers ~ exhausting!), I make a start on Robin’s Primitive Handmades Mercantile Santa Challenge.

warm neutrals

I’ve decided on my color palette, for the most part.  I think I’ll be using these Valdani Perle Cottons ~

5 ~ I’ll be using lots and lots of this light ecru for the background, the ruff, and for Santa’s beard and hat.

6 ~ a bit darker than 5, I’ll use 6 for Santa’s face and for some of the background

P5 ~ for the holly berries

H205 ~ for Santa’s suit

O196 ~ for Santa’s bag


JP5 ~ for the holly leaves, snowflakes and date ~ JP5 has lots of pink which antiques beautifully, in my opinion.

One of the things I love about Robin’s Santa is his hat.  It’s so humble and warm, and the shape makes me think of the hat that Sinterklaas wears.  So, though Sinterklaas is flamboyant in comparison, I’ll be thinking of my Santa as Sinterklaas.


I have all the details done and Sinterklaas himself is finished.  Now, I’ll get to work on the background.  Since this stocking measures about 15″ long, there’s a LOT of background!

What’s Otis been up to all this time?

the boy has NO shame!

One never has to look far to find Otis!


Challenge yourself to an Otis~day, today!