turkey and tallowberries colors…

In case you’d like to use some, or all, of the colors I used for Lori Brechlin’s Turkey and Tallowberries design (click here for her etsy shop), here they are in all their glory. From left to right and how I used them:

h212 ~ turkey legs and pupil

p9 ~ turkey tail and wing

p3 ~ tallowberry vine

h206 ~ tallowberries and turkey wattle

jp2 ~ turkey body, beak, and wing/tail detail

jp11 ~ turkey head

5 ~ background and turkey eye

What do you think of my color choices, Ellis?

“i’m cuddling with the lilly-kins, i can’t be bothered with colors.” ~the elly-belly

So, Ellis and Lilly-lou-hoo are busy. Otis? Do you have any thoughts you’d like to share?

“zzzzz…..” ~ the oatbran

Well, since my feline fellows are MIA, it’s up to you, gently reader, to tell me what you think.

Until then!


5 thoughts on “turkey and tallowberries colors…

  1. How good to see your posts once more. I was just sharing with someone a few days ago how when I first started punching I found your blog and you were one of the few sources I knew. Your artistic touch remains the same. And of course, it’s good to get caught up on the active life of your furry friends.

  2. Hi, I love all your work and colour choices. It always becomes original and truly yours even when using bought patterns. So glad you are posting again, love your style and especially all your helpers. So agreeable!

  3. I can spot your color and style a mile away…..love ….love. So happy to see a new fur baby in the mix. I hope when Duke visits he’s not too jealous. 😊

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