snowman and santa claus….

tomorrow is thanksgiving day, but my mind is on christmas…

santa drawing

i like to draw my patterns directly onto weavers cloth rather than creating a paper pattern.  it’s less work and it ensures that almost every piece i make from my own designs is one-of-a-kind.  ellis likes to help me with this process….

“i’m a tremendous assistant” ~ellis

i kept santa claus simple, using mostly red and white valdani floss.

santa claus

lilly is awaiting santa’s advent….

“santa? i’m watching the birds!” ~lilly

i like adding tags to my pieces, for some reasons.  maybe because they’re fun to make?

christmas greetings

the other piece i’ve been working on is a snowman.  snowmen are so cheerful!


of course, with snowmen comes cold weather, but otis knows how to stay toasty…

“purrrr…” ~the oatsy

and, lilly has a few how-to-stay-warm-on-a-cold-day pointers…

“first, find a comfy cushion, add a kitty heating pad, top with a blanket and crawl under.” ~lilly-kins

sounds good to me!


the santa claus has sold but you can visit snowman on my etsy shop by clicking here.

wishing you warmth and happiness!



santas, santas….

here comes santa claus!

“where?” ~lilly
“where?” ~ellis

well, actually, you have to look indoors…

“where?” ~lilly
“where?” ~ellis
“where?” ~otis

i’ve been working on two santas this fall.  the first one is a traditional red and white…

st. nick

the tiny stocking he carries is fully lined and functional and was a total pain to make. 

what do you think ellis?

“zzzzzzz…..” ~ellis

apparently, ellis isn’t thrilled.  maybe the next santa will be met with more enthusiasm….


personally, i love the muted colors of this santa.  and, again, the stocking he carries is fully lined and functional, and was a total pain to make.

santa doesn’t have to carry his stocking everywhere.

what do you think, lilly?

“i think i’d rather play with a tiny roll of wool than put together a tiny stocking.” ~lilly

i must say, i agree with lilly.

you can see the red st. nick on my etsy shop by clicking here.  the other santa has sold.

now, we just need some snow!

be well, friends!



christmas memories and give thanks….

I got a little ahead of myself…. I skipped Thanksgiving for a moment and moved right onto Christmas….

christmas memories stocking

christmas memories stocking

I love this design from Robin of Bird in the Hand Primitives ~ click here for links to her patterns.

back view

back view

I love ticking, can you tell?, and antique bone buttons, and little pockets and stocking stuffers, and Christmas.

I also love Thanksgiving!

give thanks

give thanks

I’m nearly done with Cathy Sowers fabulous Thanksgiving design.  Did you miss the pattern she shared with us?  Click here for the post.

I’m planning to list these two stockings on etsy eventually.

What have you been up to?





phm update….

It’s time for November’s Primitive Handmades Mercantile update!  Here’s what I have to offer:

merry christmas!

merry christmas!

This is a two-sided Santa Claus wand.  The first side, above, says, “Merry Christmas”, the second side, below, says, “ho ho ho!”

ho ho ho!

ho ho ho!

I also listed the snowman I showed you the other day.

jingle bell snowman

jingle bell snowman

If you’d like to take a look at either of these pieces you can visit my shop at PHM by clicking here.

In the meantime, in our neck of the woods it is utterly Freezing… 0 degree wind chills… brrrrrr!  Snow, snow, snow, blow, blow, blow.  Some of us know how to stay warm….

the oatbran

the oatbran

There’s nothing quite like a lap and a fuzzy blanket!


happy weekend to you!



it’s beginning to look….

a LOT like Christmas!

ohhhhh nooooo, snoooooow!

ohhhhh nooooo, snoooooow!

Of course, this dusting won’t last, but, if we’re going to have snow we might as well have Santa, too!

"ho, ho, ho!"

“ho, ho, ho!”

I started this particular Claus in June…. yes, June.  I meant to have him completed for Christmas in July, but, well, we didn’t have any snow in July, in fact the weather was so fabulous this summer that I hardly ever came indoors.

ticking stripe stocking

ticking stripe stocking

I punched Santa in a sort of brownish~pinkish color ~ Valdani JP6, Muddy Pots, and gave him a functional stocking and some rusty bells.   He measures about 13″ high x about 16″ long including the rocker.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The stocking can be removed.

another little pocket!

another little pocket!

I backed him with the same ticking I used to cover the rocker which is a slice of antique wood bowl I salvaged.  The decorative ends are vintage clock feet.

"giddy up!"

“giddy up!”

Santa loves to rock~n~…..OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

…roll!  He’s pretty excited about the snow.

How about you guys, Ellis and Otis?  Are you ready for winter?

"yep" ~ellis "Yep" ~the oatbran

“yep, ready” ~ellis
“Yep, all snug here” ~the oatbran

How about you Lilly?

"what? did you say winter???" ~lilly-kins

“what? did you say winter???” ~lilly-kins

Any thoughts you’d like to share about winter or snow, Lilly?

"wake me when it's spring" ~lilly

“you bet i have some thoughts, but this blog is rated g.  wake me when it’s spring” ~lilly

Maybe you’d like to make your own Santa?  Here’s a sketch….

Please, feel free to share this pattern with others, but please do not copy the pattern for mass production, nor make more than 10 finishes from this pattern ~ thanks!  I like to change the shape of the hat and the length of Santa's coat for each piece I make, you're welcome to make additions or deletions as you'd like, too.

santa pattern

Please excuse the scribbles, as I said this is just a sketch.  You should be able to drag the drawing to your desktop and print from there.  Please, feel free to share this pattern with others, but please do not copy the pattern for mass production, nor make more than 10 finishes from this pattern ~ thanks!  I like to change the shape of the hat and the length of Santa’s coat for each piece I make, you’re welcome to make additions or deletions as you’d like, too.


I’ll let you know when I list this Claus on etsy, if you’re interested.


Stay warm and ho, ho, ho!



phm update…..

It’s time for October’s Primitive Handmades Mercantile update!  Here’s what I’m offering this month….

a tiny bit of merry

a tiny bit of merry

The three punched pieces are from a design by Lori Brechlin of Notforgotten Farm (click here for Lori’s blog).  I found the wee, bitty wreath on Amazon (click here).  It’s billed as a 10″ wreath, but that is a real stretch.  The opening in the center is just 2″ across, and when I fanned the wreath out as much as I could without damaging it, I was able to get it to measure 7″ across.  Perfect for this particular application, I think.


If you’d like to visit me on PHM click here.  To get to PHM’s homepage, click here.

Enjoy the weekend!



winter decorating…

“it’s the most wonderful time of the year!”

boxwood wreath

boxwood wreath

I spent some time earlier this month putting up some wintry decorations, like the above boxwood wreath…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAand Randy’s stocking which was made for him by a babysitter, long ago.

1 fish, 2 fish

1 fish, 2 fish

The fish tank, too, is looking festive with three glass ornaments.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA1 Fish, 2 Fish also have a little nativity scene to get them in the spirit.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOver here, by the fireplace I hung two white wool stockings along with a garland of handmade paper ornaments and antique tin cutters.





Above the mantle….

t'was the night before christmas

’twas the night before christmas

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas (design by Robin of Bird in the Hand Primitives) floats serenely.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Stockings hang on each of the dining chairs.  Of course, I had help getting them just right….

"here, let me do that!" ~lilly

“here, let me do that.” ~lilly

Lilly was a marvelous assistant…

"see?  all you need are some needle-sharp claws." ~ lilly

“see? all you need are some needle-sharp claws.” ~ lilly

Because of all the claws and curiosity that reside in our abode, we don’t have a large Christmas tree.  However, we do have two small feather trees that perch high above the floor, out of reach of paws and claws.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

These trees hold my grandmothers antique ornaments.  Ellis is in charge of tree trimming…

"ta da!" ~ ellis

“ta da!” ~ ellis

And, where is Otis all this time?

"i have no shame." ~ the oatbran

“i have no shame.” ~ the oatbran

I can’t say I blame him.  Given the choice between a muscle relaxing massage or hours of cleaning and decorating, there’s no question which I’d choose.


whatever you decide to do today, enjoy it to the utmost!





’twas the night before christmas…



Lilly knows a good spot when she finds one, and this blanket happens to be one of the heated variety…. smart girl!  Wouldn’t it be nice if I could have a turn?

Since Lilly is basking in warm comfort, I will turn my attention to ‘Twas the Night Before… and see how we’re coming along.

valdani m1001

valdani m1001

“So far, so good” I say to myself, keeping my fingers crossed.  I like the way the Valdani M1001 embraces Santa and his reindeer without over or under-whelming them.


little puffs

Robin’s design included these little circles, which brought snowballs to mind, so when I punched them I used a level 3 on my Cameo for some fun puffs.

Soon, it will be time to shift my weavers cloth, something I’d really like to put off for a while, if not avoid altogether, so…

frosty folk

frosty folk

I think I’ll play hooky and work on another little design of Robin’s, “Frosty Folk” (Bird in the Hand Primitives).  Perhaps, by the time I finish the Frosty trio, Lilly will be done with the blanket and I can take a nap (probably the healthiest form of avoidance out there)!

Be safe and warm, today!




’twas the night before christmas, and a special gift…



While Lilly enjoys a sunny spot on a pile of my early rugs, I get to work on ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas.

reindeer games

reindeer games

I’ll begin with the reindeer because they know what color they want to be.  As I’m punching them I’ll consider the rest of my color palette.   I turn to Lilly to ask her valuable opinion…

what's her secret?

what’s her secret?

…evidently, I’m on my own.  I wish I knew how the feline species manages to sleep so peacefully ~ clean living?

Since Lilly is sleeping off her sun bath and Otis and Ellis are off transacting important business, I turn to google for color inspiration.  I did a search for ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas illustrations and found this:p_1

I love the faded blue background and the gold halo.  I believe I’m inspired!

So, a little while later, I’m almost finished with the main bits and am ready to start on the background.

holiday golds and winter whites

holiday golds and winter whites

Valdani has so many pretty blues, it’s going to be difficult to narrow my choices down to just one!  However, after deliberating for a time, I decide to try M 1001, a soft combination of pale blue and ecru which, I think, ages beautifully.

Valdani M 1001

Valdani M 1001

Next time, we’ll see if I’ve made the right choice.

Before I sign off for today, I want to share a very special gift I received from my friend Cheree.  It arrived on a day when I was feeling a bit less than top-notch and it, along with Cheree’s kind note brightened my skies considerably…

the christmas quiet book

the christmas quiet book

The Christmas Quiet Book, written by Deborah Underwood and illustrated by Renata Liwska, is a simple delight!  I’ve read it and read it and read it, ever since it arrived, and it never palls.  Thank you, Cheree for you kind thoughtfulness, and for a holiday gift I will treasure!

May your day be filled with quiet warmth!