2 cats 2 birds pattern and colors….

original 2 cats 2 birds

original 2 cats 2 birds

2 cats 2 birds pattern

2 cats 2 birds pattern


Here’s the pattern I drew, it measures about 8″x4″, but you can make any size you want.  Feel free to grab it and use it for your own personal project!  (of course, as usual, please no mass production of pattern or finishes.)  Now to transfer the pattern to the weavers cloth….OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

…and I’m ready to begin punching.  Oh, I did alter the birds a little bit so that they more closely resemble the original.


I’ll be using Valdani #12 perle cotton, two strands each, in my medium Cameo needle set at #1:

5 ~ cat outline and features

146 ~ border

p4 ~ birds and border

196 ~ lighter background

0505 ~ cats

h212 ~ darker background

I purchase my Valdani from Snowflake Memories.  You can visit their shop by clicking here.  Note:  Snowflake Memories is on vacation until April 16, 2015.

I’ll start punching with my two favorite colors….

5, p4

5, p4

Will you join me in 2 Cats 2 Birds?



waiting for inspiration….

Whenever I have that empty, uninspired feeling, I turn to the amazing google and execute a search for antique hooked rugs…..732_20007 I love, no, LOVE antique hooked rugs….aac9eff8badb80dfa85b7b3c8fbbf2fb

There is so much scope for the imagination!H0043-L69138459

And, all these designs are in the public domain…23199596_1_l

…we can play to our hearts content.-House+and+Home-+Hooked+Rug

So, which one am I going to work on?  This one, I think…


Look how tiny that picture is.  I can’t find it anywhere on the web any bigger than this.  When I try to enlarge it, it becomes a pixellated puzzle of shapes and colors.  This is going to be a real challenge…


what are you working on?



rabbit and sheep, at last….

Rabbit and Sheep Greetings has taken a really long time to find its way to the finish.  Last time we got together we were about to attach the punched and stuffed piece to the rocker….

drill, dowels, drywall screws

drill, dowels, drywall screws

I like to use drywall screws because they’re really sharp and have flat heads.



The dowels are much more forgiving if a hole is drilled before using the screw.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I also pre-drill a hole into the rocker.  Then, it’s simply a matter of putting the dowels inside the legs and adding the screw from the back of the rocker.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Here’s something new for me.  I’ve made many of these types of rocking pieces and the exposed screw head has never bothered me before.  Now, for some reason, I feel the need to cover it up, somehow.

giant tacks

giant tacks

I couldn’t find any vintage upholstery tacks with heads like these, but I did find new ones.  The head is rounded and hollow, and measures about .75″ across, so it will cover my screw perfectly.  I snipped off the shaft of the tack and adhered the head to the rocker.

ta da

ta da

This feels much more finished to me and doesn’t impede the rocking motion of the rocker.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Now, I just need to finish the “greetings” banner and we’ll be all set.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I forgot to take pictures of how the banner went together, but basically I just stitched the backing fabric to the right side of the punched bit, turned it, and left a little opening in the seam for the stick (which I covered in backing fabric).OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I didn’t stuff the banner, and simply tucked the stick between the rabbits arm and body.  It stays tightly in place, but can be removed if desired.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

An identification tag on the back finishes it off and…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

…we’re done!


thank you for spending some time with me today ~ be safe, warm and happy!



rabbit and sheep continues….


I’ve been having some quiet adventures since we last spoke…  I visited the most wonderful antique shop in Kalamazoo….IMG_4892

there were so many treasures, like sinks galore…IMG_4902

…and stacks of shutters,…IMG_4904

…and my personal favorite, buckets and buckets of vintage doorknobs.

I played giant jenga with Jenn at the winter beach party…

jenn and giant jenga

jenn and giant jenga

…and learned to curl…IMG_4951

I wasn’t very good, but it was so much fun!

Now I’m home and back to work on Rabbit and Sheep Greetings. If you remember, I’d left the rocker in a papered, but untrimmed condition.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Here’s what it looks like from the other side…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Once the Mod Podge was thoroughly dry, I trimmed the extra paper from the rocker.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Then, I used a bit of Miss Mustard Seed’s Antiquing Wax.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe wax comes in a brown tint, and when rubbed on top of the dry Mod Podge, fills any crevices giving the appearance of age.  You can find Miss Mustard Seed’s products by clicking here.

My rocker is pretty much done, except for the addition of the decorative ends, so I turn my attention to stuffing and finishing the rabbit/sheep.  Remember the extra backing fabric I left when I stitched the backing to the punched front?  Here’s the rabbit’s arm, below…

roll unrolled

extra backing

I need to do something with that….OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Once I turned the arm, I started hiding the extra fabric in the middle so that you could see how the fold is being stitched under the edge of the punching.  And, the rabbit’s head…

crinkled, wrinkled, extra backing made turning easier but doesn't look very good now

…crinkled, wrinkled, extra backing made turning easier but doesn’t look very good now.


I used white thread so you could see the stitches and I hid some of the seam and left some visible.  I’ll go back in with a tiny bit of antiquing wax and age those white threads.

The next thing to do is insert wood dowels inside the legs and attach the rabbit/sheep to the rocker using dry wall screws.  So, until then…

…find a bit of joy in everything!