Christmas Memories finish…

bits and pieces

I was hoping to get this posted in time for Christmas, but things don’t always work out the way I plan.

I wrapped three dowels with some homespun and attached the punched pieces to the ends. I used another dowel to push holes part way into a piece of styrofoam, angling the outer holes and keeping the center hole straight.

The styrofoam, which was a cone, fit perfectly inside the bucket once I cut the top off.

You can see how the angled holes hold the two outer dowels in place.

“What’cha doin’?” ~the elli-bell

Ellis is extremely helpful when I’m working, and when I’m not.

I could fill the bucket with tissue paper or moss or lots of things to hide the foam but I’m going to use these:


Candy Cane Kisses. So scrumptious!


I attached a little pocket to the back of the bucket with a vintage bone button that holds an identity tag.

ta da

And, Christmas Memories is finished!

Wishing you health and happiness…


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