myra’s family tree…..

Myra sent me this picture of her Family Tree quite a while ago and I’ve been meaning to share it with you for some time….

myra's family tree

myra’s family tree

Myra has such a great eye for color and I love that she added the moon and stars…. and, can you believe that background?  Wow!  Love it, love it!

You can click here if you’d like to find the freebie pattern for Family Tree.

be happy today and every day!



meet george and gracie….

My sister recently rescued two adorable kittens ~ I thought you’d like to meet them.

george on the left, gracie on the right

george on the left, gracie on the right

They are busy, busy, busy and they have a lot to do, so getting a clear photo of either of them is nearly impossible!



Gracie is a gorgeous, tiny, bit-of-a-thing.



George is a big, beautiful kitten who is  going to be a big, beautiful cat.

….and, those are the only clear (ish) pics I have of the hundreds my sister and I have taken of George and Gracie.  3 out of 300 isn’t too bad, is it?


enjoy the day!