lilly and ellis "help"

lilly and ellis “help”

Despite the fact that I had two cats in my lap while I punched Wynter, I was able to finish it without too much trouble.

"are you sure you're doing that right?" ~lilly

“are you sure you’re doing that right?” ~lilly

Lilly never completely trusts me with the sewing machine.

"let me get a closer look."  ~lilly

“let me get a closer look.” ~lilly

Once I have Lilly’s approval I’m able to move on with the finishing and details like a paper tag.

I wanted Wynter to look a little like a snow globe, so I mounted it on an antique porcelain doorknob. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I love little pockets, bone buttons and ticking!



When I punched the snowflakes I used a higher setting on my Cameo needle.  I think I set it on #4.

Do you like snowflakes, Ellis?


“snowflakes? are they edible? i’ll try anything once.” ~ellis

I stuffed Wynter with fluff and crushed walnut shells, and finished the whole piece off with a bit of ribbon.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

What do you think of Wynter, Otis?

"winter? i prefer to sleep through it, thank you." ~otis

“winter? i prefer to sleep through it, thank you.” ~otis

I also finished In The Meadow, a Lori Brechlin designs (click here for her etsy shop).

in the meadow

in the meadow

This is my second In The Meadow pillow this season.  I don’t typically punch a design more than once, but every so often a pattern pulls at my heartstrings…  Sort of like my little friend Josie does…



You can visit Wynter and In The Meadow in my etsy shop by clicking here, if you’d like.

wishing you a warm and happy day!





I’m always so thrilled when anyone sends me a photo of what they’ve been punching, and I love it when they allow me to share the images with you!  So inspiring!

Today, I have shares from Myra and Marion….

myra's posies

myra’s posies

First, I have to tell you how much I ADORE Myra’s Posies.  I love everything about the above image, from the actual punched piece, which is brilliant, to the fabric it’s resting on, to the wee little scissors sitting quietly in the offing.  Myra’s Posies is actually from one of my doodles, but I like Myra’s version so much better than mine… I may have to make one for myself!  Thank you, Myra, for inspiring me!

Marion has generously shared several of her fabulous finishes….WP_my rabbit finish wp_rabbit and sheep greeting_2015 0 WP_10 footIsn’t she a talented lady?  She will be taking part in the Lighthouse Festival Show June 12 and 13 in St. Ignace, Michigan and I just know that she is going to be very popular!  I love every one of her pieces… and the glimpses of her primitive home ~ lovely!

Thank you Myra and Marion for sharing with me and allowing me to share with the simple quiet world….


be well and happy, my friends…




apple cider……

apples, apples, apples....

apples, apples, apples ~ macs, galas, honey crisp, pink ladies, red delicious….

Have you ever made apple cider?  I haven’t until now, and I’m not sure I can even claim to have made it at this point, though I did wash a few fruit….

christy and me washing, washing, washing apples....

christy and me washing, washing, washing apples….

Randy and I were invited to the annual Pentwater Cider pressing extravaganza by our Irish/American friends, Deirdre and Adam…

deirdre ~ irish, adam ~ michigander

whoopee!, aren’t they cute?  deirdre ~ irish, adam ~ michigander …. aren’t they the best?!  i just love them!

By golly, I’ve never experienced anything like it….

20 bushels of apples, all different varieties, all needing to be sorted/combined…

my randy and ireland's best -loved-citizen deirdre

my randy and ireland’s best -loved-citizen deirdre, sorting/combing apples

After sorting, or combining, or whatever we did, the apples then had to be washed (or “warshed”, as my grandpa would say). Once the happy apples have been sorted/combined and washed they have to be crushed, smushed, chopped and grated…..



That’s what the above machine does.  Like a wood chipper, it pares the apples down to a manageable, smush-able, crushable, press-able size…..

nobody does it better...

nobody does it better…

apple chips...

apple chips…

Adam’s in charge of the pressing….


adam…….. wow!…….

He does a great job!  Look!….

ohhhhhh, yummmmmm

ohhhhhh, yummmmmm… golden goodness….

Does that cylinder look familiar?  It’s a washing machine drum/ cum cider press.  Stainless steel…. what could be more sanitary?



It takes but a few moments from apple to cider…..

filter, filter, filter.....

filter, filter, filter…..

The cider has to be filtered before consumption…..  See that guy holding the  funnel?  He’s the one that created every single bit of cider-pressing machinery, from wood chipper/ cum apple chipper to washing machine drum/ cum apple press, all these discarded/found objects (sterilized thoroughly first, of course…. right?!) are the vision of one really creative mind.   I don’t think I could ever look at a washing machine or a wood chipper as anything but a washing machine and a wood chipper, but he has the apple cider vision!!  So, with all this genius, what do we get???



Ooodles.  I mean, oodles of Cider!  Bring On The Doughnuts!

chris and christy.... absolutely essential to the process...  no cider without C and C!

christy and chris…. absolutely essential to the process… no cider without C and C!

Chirsty and Chris are old hats when it comes to pressing…..

but what about the cats?

Okay, so there weren’t any cats involved…..

"what? no cats?" ~ ellis

“what? no cats?” ~ ellis

"no cats??? look at me! i'm sitting in a sink ~ who else could do this?" ~ otis

“no cats??? look at me! i’m sitting in a sink ~ who else could do this?” ~ otis

"no cats? not a single cat? what is UP  with that?????" ~ lilly

“no cats? not a single cat? what is UP with that?????” ~ lilly

I know, I know, I’m sorry… but there were DOGS assisting… and while DOGS aren’t CATS, they do have something to offer… right?

"u betcha!" ~rosco and molly

“u betcha!” ~rosco and molly

"are you kidding me.... cats??? what's a cat??? a cat could never press ANYTHING!"  ~suki

“are you kidding me…. cats??? what’s a cat??? a cat could never press ANYTHING!” ~suki

Regardless of cats or dogs, Randy and I had the time of our lives, and can’t wait until next year!!

Cider and doughnuts??? Yummmmm!  Bring.  It.  On!! …..





cat and dog, an antique adaptation….

ellis blogs

ellis blogs

There’s something to be said for a warm friend on a winter’s day, like today.  Ellis and I (and Lilly and Otis) are snug inside, watching the snow swirling and dancing in the wind, and keeping an eye on the birds, through the window, who are enjoying the peanuts and suet “we” put out this morning.

Last week, I worked on a punch needle adaptation of an antique rug.  Here’s the original rug…

original antique rug

original antique rug

I’ve been wanting to hook this design for a while, but hooking, in my house, involves so many helpers “organizing” my wooly worms and supervising my progress, that it will be some time before I get to this one.  So, I decided to punch it for now.  Here’s the tracing I made ~ feel free to print it for yourself, if you’d like!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI love doing these antique adaptations!  However, I always experience moments of despair in the beginning ~ does that happen to you, too?

i just don't see this working out for me

i just don’t see this working out for me

At this point, I’m thinking that I should just quit while I’m ahead.   I mean, it all feels so messy and not the least bit cohesive and I’m sure I’m a failure and there’s no way this will ever resemble the original in any particular.

But, I persevere…

oh golly, this is too terrible for words

i think we should break up… i mean, there are lots of other designs i’d like to go out with… it’s not you, it’s me…

Even at this point, when I have the dog and cat done, it all feels disjointed ~ the dog looks emaciated and the peppermint pink background coupled with the black is almost too much for me.

It isn’t until I’m completely done, when the piece is totally punched, stained, and mounted, that I think, “hey, it’s not so bad, after all.”!

maybe this relationship can work, after all!

well, what d’ya know…

well, what d'ya know!

maybe this relationship can work, after all!

I recently dismantled an antique trunk and have some lovely bits and pieces to work with.

antique trunk bit

antique trunk bit

I think this piece, in the above picture, will work splendidly as a backdrop for Cat and Dog.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe blues, pinks and antique whites of the punch needle are reflected in the plaid paper ~ serendipity!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI guess, the moral is that being a puncher is a lot like being a shark.  One has to keep moving forward, and just punch through the doubt to survive!

(Would you like to visit Cat and Dog on etsy?  Click here.)


May you always be more confident than I!