the comfort and beauty of old


What comfort there is in Old….

dumpster find

…time ravaged things have such a softness to them…

great-grandma’s mailbox

I’ve been thinking about Old ~ getting old, being old, acting old, feeling old ~ Old has such a negative connotation, especially when it’s applied to people.  My mother likes to tell me how awful Old is, but I like Old.  I’ve always wanted to be Old, maybe I always have been old.

Old has always meant softness, and grace, and wisdom to me.  When I was a little girl, my favorite people were Old.

“the great one”

I look at this picture of my great-grandmother, whom we called, “the great one”, and I see someone Old, truly Old in the best sense of the word.  She was funny and kind and soft and gentle.  And, she lived a long time ~ I don’t think she stopped living until she died.  She was wonderfully Old!

mom’s old box

I believe I gravitate toward Old because it is so subtly beautiful and beauty is important ~ it’s a sort of nourishment.  I like all the old things I have, and I like my work to resemble Old…

Old has its disadvantages, of course, but the fabulous thing is, we have so much time to get there!  I find much insight in the phrase, “growing old”.  Old doesn’t just happen ~ it takes growth and nurturing, like a garden.  One reaps what one sows.  I think if I pay attention along the way, and if I have a little luck and some good health as I travel there, Old will be a lovely welcoming, though perhaps a bit achy.

garage sale find


What about you?  Do you find beauty in Old?

a well-loved piece of old

Thank you for letting me share ~ embrace your Old today!




Notforgotten Farm

I’ve been working on this 1830 Rooster, a wonderful design from Lori Brechlin of Notforgotten Farm.  Her designs were some of the first I ever attempted. Lori is such a kind and generous artist, and her patterns are straightforward and user-friendly, simple and quiet!

While Lori’s version has a beautifully prim and colorful border, I will keep mine more structured and frame-like…

…and, where Lori chose red, I will use a browny-pink.

almost done!

I really like the grey rooster and yellowish background in Lori’s piece.

Hurray!  The punching’s all done, so now I’ll brew us a pot of coffee ~ 10 cups for me, 1 cup for the rooster.

After soaking in a coffee bath for a few minutes, I’ll pop him in the oven at 250* for approximately 20 minutes, or until I remember to take him out.

Here he is, nicely aged and softened.  What do you think I should do with him?  Should I keep him simple and just stitch down the weavers cloth for the  backing?  Or, should I make him into a little, prim bag with hand dyed wool for lining and ticking for the back and straps?


until next time ~ be well!




a simple change

What kind of decorator are you?  Do you love to decorate the whole house, or one little corner, or not at all?  I’m a one-little-corner person, and it’s time to redo the mantel.


Recently, I purchased a set of stamped spoons from a terrific etsy seller, Lazy Lightning Art, you can click here to visit her shop.  So, now I have a small collection of stamped spoons to keep my other small collections company.  I’m going for a less cluttered look this summer, and decided to combine my grandmother’s custard bowls with the stamped spoons I purchased.  I need some moss for what I have in mind.  How fortunate that we have lots in our “lawn” (my husband would disagree with the “fortunate” bit).

beautiful moss

I carefully lift clumps with the tip of a trowel….….slice some styrofoam that came in a package I received through the mail….

…stuff the pieces into the custard cups…

…add a bit of wet rag on top of the styrofoam and lay the moss over the damp rag.

Now, I can stick the spoon through the moss into the styrofoam, avoiding the damp bit of rag.



Simple!   Now, I can line up my custard bowls on the mantel.

I’ll add a few more bits and pieces and voila! A very simple, quiet change.

What do you think?


Cheers to a simple summer! ~ thank you for spending some time with me today!



small collections…

grandma’s custard bowls


What do you collect?  Are you an extreme collector?  Or, are you, like me, a collector on a small-scale?

grandma’s transfer ware

The collections which I cherish most, are those I inherited.  How about you?

grandma’s salt shakers

However, there are a few things that I have purchased that give me a thrill.  I recently started collecting one artist’s porcelain bells… so far, I have a collection of one, but I’m planning to have a collection of two, soon!  I’ve just purchased another bell, which the artist entitled, “making life simpler” ~ perfect.  Would you like to see more of Erin’s beautiful work?  Click here to visit Erins Window on etsy.

porcelain bell

My collections usually stop at 3 or 4, for some reason, though there are a few items which have escaped those boundaries….

….Windows are running rampant throughout the house.  I have 19 vintage windows…. does anyone really need 19?  The simple answer is, “no! one really needs more than 19.”


Without question, my very favorite collection is one that came to me from out of the blue…


…completely unexpected, I didn’t know I was going to start this collection, but of all my collections it is the only one that makes me laugh, dare I say GUFFAW!, on a daily basis …

otis (a.k.a. oatbran, oatmeal, etc.)

…and, fortuitously, this collection came in a package of three ~ just right for me!


I’d love to hear about your collections, too!

Happy day to you!






West Bay


My sister, Jenny, and I went visiting this weekend.  Our destination:  Traverse City, Michigan.  Our parents live there on the edge of beautiful Traverse Bay, with their friend, Scooter.

Scooter’s favorite thing, aside from food, is going for a spin on mom’s walker.  What a funny creature she is!

Because our parents have found it necessary, until recently, to keep every single thing they ever came into contact with (do you know anyone like that?), their garage and basement yield some fabulous finds…  At least, fabulous to those of us who covet things that are worn, aged, and loved which, now that I think of it, sounds rather like a description of our mom and dad.

rebecca doll, chippy lidded box, little blue crate, hand knit sweater

I was simply thrilled with my finds!

Rebecca doll is from my mom’s childhood, her dress was hand stitched by my grandmother.




Jenny came away with two dolls, Violet who is a centenarian, and Mystery (I just made that up) who has no past, because my mom can’t remember anything about her.  So, Jenny can decide what kind of life Mystery has had perhaps Mystery was a rug hooker in her youth!



The lidded box has a fabulous patina and will be delighted to serve as an end table…



As for the beautifully aged, soft blue crate… hmm.  It has yet to tell me who it wants to be, so we’ll ponder for a while.

The sweater oh! the sweater!  Made by my mom, several years ago, it is the softest, wooliest, warmest thing…  absolutely perfect for cuddling in on those cool evenings by the campfire when s’mores are in the offing…

Whether you visited or stayed home – I hope your weekend was simply glorious!


Inside out…

lilly, ellis, otis


What a beautiful day!  My three friends are very content staying indoors, in fact, they run away when a door opens… perhaps because they were “evicted” from their first home.  However, they have a keen interest in experiencing the outdoors from within.


I, on the other hand, am sitting on my deck as soon as the weather cooperates in the Spring, and am parked there until late Autumn’s bitter winds blow me back indoors.  So, my project for today?  Getting the deck ready for a full summer of stitching and hooking, reading and eating and sleeping….

after… I forgot to take a “before” shot. what a pity.


For some inexplicable reason, whenever I get ready to start a major project, like cleaning the deck, I have to start and finish a different major project, like organizing the kitchen cupboards.  ????  Why?  Does anyone else suffer from this malady?  So, having decided to spend the day doing the deck, I spend the first two hours reorganizing the kitchen.  sheesh.  However, the pantry looks very neat and tidy, and the new arrangement will keep my husband Randy busy trying to find things for a few days.

Now, on to the deck!

before… needs work.

I had power washed earlier in the Spring, so I was ready to add furniture and accessories.


It may not look like I spent 8 hours setting things up, but I did!  I washed the windows and dug the birdseed out of the cracks between the floor boards, bought two fuchsia plants and hung them behind a hummingbird feeder.  They aren’t blooming, yet, but will be, hopefully, in a week or so.  I put my little firepit out, ready for the first tiny fire of the season.  In my opinion, one builds a fire for one reason:  roasting marshmallows.  So, unlike Randy, I don’t need a HUGE fire.





A cushioned chaise is the perfect place for a summer snooze.

Now, I’m ready to bring out my hooking and get started on my next project, which will probably be preceded by some other, completely unrelated, undertaking!

a humble bucket acts as vessel for firewood


Won’t you join me in a toast to Long Summer Days?

Have a joyful journey through today!

a bit of stick lets the little birds get close enough to sip from the fountain.