an intermission…

i finished miss b’s turkey ~ hooray!  however, i’m taking this opportunity to share with you another rug i finished recently.

wytch one?

“wytch one?” is a pattern i created many years ago, and it’s always a fun one to punch or hook.  i’ve just listed this finished rug on my etsy site which you can find by clicking here.

if you’re interested in the simple pattern for “wytch one?”, you can find it on my etsy design site by clicking here.


i’ll be back soon to show you the turkey finish!



making dos 1…

otis waves

Before beginning any project I have to find someplace to sit.  This is a game that never grows old, apparently, and I am required, daily, to remove several bodies from my chair.  I call this my chair because it offers the best lighting, but there is much dissention amongst the ranks as to whom the chair really belongs.  I typically admit defeat and move to a less comfortable and dimmer seat.

the life of a beloved cat

Otis has adopted the top of the cat condo (cardboard box) as his favorite perch.  He has his own little hooked rug and, due to his somewhat vast weight, the condo is taking on a nice bowl shape.

wytch way?

Now that we are all comfortable, more or less, I can make a beginning.  I’ll be working on make dos (because they’re fun to make and hold much scope for the imagination, I find) and will start with Wytch Way?, which is one of my designs.   I’ve free-handed onto the weavers cloth, with much erasing, as is typical.

finished rug and punch needle in progress

I’ve made this pattern into both a rug and a punch needle piece before, but this will be the first time as a make do.  I’m not sure how I’m planning to make do, but surely some idea will come to me…?

Wytch Way? and Cat

After I complete the punching, I decide to add some embellishments in the form of these vintage glass beads.  I hope they’ll add a bit of night-time glimmer to an otherwise plain piece.

stuff, stuff, stuff

It takes an extraordinary amount of snips to stuff this relatively small piece ~ That’s okay by me!  I have bags and bags of snips.

closing in

At this point I have to make a decision.  Am I going to mount Wytch Way? on a base of some kind, which means leaving a small opening here, or close her up completely so she can be a bowl filler?


I opt for stitching the opening closed, but instead of displaying her in a bowl, I add a length of fishing line and let her hang from a nail.

A vintage crochet covered (I think) metal band makes an admirable hanger.    Wytch Way? measures about 7″ across and 2″ thick.  She’ll either be in the Primitive Handmades Mercantile update this Friday or in my etsy shop (more decisions ~ oh no!).


Are you making do, today?