witch, cat, jack…..

i started this piece a year ago…. a YEAR ago.  how embarrassing!  however, i did, finally, finish it and in time for this year’s halloween…..

witch, cat, jack on the mantle

“witch, cat, jack” on the mantle

this little witch is backed with black and white ticking….

ticking, ticking, ticking

ticking, ticking, ticking

lilly, what do you think of ticking?…..

"ticking? is that anything like cat food?" ~lilly

“ticking? is that anything like cat food?” ~lilly

the base, which resembles a rocker but acts more as a stand, is also finished with ticking, as is the handle of the “jack”….

more ticking

more ticking

how about now, lilly, any further thoughts about ticking?….

"oh! ticking! yes, i LOVE ticking!" ~ the lilly-kins

“oh! ticking! yes, i LOVE ticking!” ~ the lilly-kins

now that i finally have lilly’s approval and understanding, here is the finished Witch, Cat, Jack in all it’s glory….




you can visit this piece, along with my other offerings, in my etsy shop by clicking here.

may the witching season only cast the most happiest of spells!




I’ve been aware, lately, of a slight, ever so slight, feeling of division in our country.  A bisection, a breaking up, a partitioning, if you will.  Have you noticed it?  I mean, it’s ever so subtle, sort of like a rumbling of far off thunder….. hmmmm….

Actually, a better way to describe it is to say that it’s about as subtle as a hurricane, and potentially as destructive.  So, during this season of election, I punched Lori Brechlin’s, “United”…..



I wanted to remind myself that regardless of how vicious and dangerous the political stage is, right now, we are still a great country, filled with quiet, compassionate and decent human beings.

So, hang in there!  November 9th will, hopefully, find us on the other side of this troubling and desperate time, and on the road to healing our nation and, once again, see us united.


You can find Lori’s “united” design in her, “American Folk” pattern book on etsy ~ click here.


think happy thoughts!



marion’s polly’s parade…..

Marion shared her finish of Polly Minick’s “Polly’s Parade” months ago, but I’m only just now getting around to sharing it with you……

marion's polly's parade

marion’s polly’s parade

didn’t it turn out beautifully?  This is a design I’ve been wanting to punch and Marion has inspired me to actually get to work!

You can find the pattern for Polly’s Parade in Polly Minicks, “American Summer” design book, available on etsy ~ click here.


enjoy the day!



my summer vacation….

Well, hello!

I didn’t realize, in June, that I was going to take the rest of the summer off blogging, but that appears to be just what happened.  What did I do while I was away?  Not much, I’m afraid.  At least, not much as far as punching goes.

However, I did go to Ireland….



…and, I went camping twice, and I spent a lot of time sitting in the shade reading.  That about sums up my summer!

Now, I’m working on some Halloween projects which I’ll be sharing with you asap.

wishing you a delightful September day!