I’m always so thrilled when anyone sends me a photo of what they’ve been punching, and I love it when they allow me to share the images with you!  So inspiring!

Today, I have shares from Myra and Marion….

myra's posies

myra’s posies

First, I have to tell you how much I ADORE Myra’s Posies.  I love everything about the above image, from the actual punched piece, which is brilliant, to the fabric it’s resting on, to the wee little scissors sitting quietly in the offing.  Myra’s Posies is actually from one of my doodles, but I like Myra’s version so much better than mine… I may have to make one for myself!  Thank you, Myra, for inspiring me!

Marion has generously shared several of her fabulous finishes….WP_my rabbit finish wp_rabbit and sheep greeting_2015 0 WP_10 footIsn’t she a talented lady?  She will be taking part in the Lighthouse Festival Show June 12 and 13 in St. Ignace, Michigan and I just know that she is going to be very popular!  I love every one of her pieces… and the glimpses of her primitive home ~ lovely!

Thank you Myra and Marion for sharing with me and allowing me to share with the simple quiet world….


be well and happy, my friends…




antique inspired patterns and finishes….

I’ve been having a ball working on antique inspired pieces.  Maybe you’d like to try your hand at these, too?

You can visit my etsy shop to see more photos of these antique inspired mats by clicking here.

I’ve included simple, and not super good quality, patterns in this post.  They are for your personal use, and should not be mass-produced either as patterns or finished pieces.  As these are antique rugs, the designs are in the public domain… I love that!  Unfortunately, as with so many antique rugs, there’s no information about the hooker, so credit cannot be given to any one individual.  However, I like to let others know that the design is not mine by referring to my finishes as “antique inspired”.

"we win" original hooked rug

“we win” original hooked rug

My favorite is the above, “We Win”.  OH!  Just look at all those missing/faded stitches ~ gorgeous!  How, oh how! am I to reproduce those perfect imperfections?  It was a challenge, but so much fun!

"we win" pattern

“we win” pattern

Above, you’ll find the pattern for, “We Win” ~ my apologies for the wrinkles.

"we win" colors

“we win” colors

Above, are the colors I decided upon.

The finish…

my punched "we win"

my punched “we win”

If you’d like to see more pictures of “We Win” you can click here to visit my etsy shop.

Next is “Two Horses”…

"two horses" original antique hooked rug

“two horses” original antique hooked rug

…and, here’s the pattern….

"two horses" pattern

“two horses” pattern

…again, apologies for the wrinkles.  Evidently, I forgot to photograph the colors I used, but here’s the list:  p3, p4, 146, 5, h212, and o510.

Here’s the finish…

my punched "two horses"

my punched “two horses”

You can see more pics of “Two Horses” by clicking here.

The last piece I finished is “Two Chickens One Horse” (aren’t I creative with my titles?).

"two chickens one horse" original hooked rug

“two chickens one horse” original hooked rug

The pattern….

"two chickens one horse" pattern

“two chickens one horse” pattern

The colors….

"two chickens one horse" colors

“two chickens one horse” colors

Unfortunately, the floss without labels are mystery colors.

The finish….

my punched "two chickens one horse"

my punched “two chickens one horse”

You can, of course, see more photos of “Two Chickens One Horse” by clicking here.


There you have it!

enjoy the coming of spring!



april phm update…

The April Primitive Handmades Mercantile update starts tonight at 9 o’clock.  I’ll be offering a few more sheep biscuit cutters…..

ewe and ewe

ewe and ewe

I’ve received many requests for these and have kept a list of all of you who asked about them.  Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, I’ve misplaced my list!  So, I’m hopeful that those of you who’re interested will see this post!

If you’d like to see my new offerings, click here after 9pm.  :~>


2 cats 2 birds finish, and cats….


“don’t take a picture now, we’re sleeping.” ~lilly and ellis

Lilly’s been feeling that the live feline element has been lacking in my recent posts…..


“don’t take my picture now, i’m sleeping.” ~otis

I’ve mentioned to her that pictures of cats sleeping leaves some excitement to be desired….


“go away. i’m trying to sleep.” ~ellis

She told me she’d try to galvanize her cohorts into action…


“my eyes are open. any minute now, ellis and i will do something photo worthy…. though, we may need a little snooze before that happens.” ~lilly

Thus far, the results have been poor at best…

So, we’ll move on to our 2 Cats 2 Birds project.

first staining


I soaked the finished embroidery in coffee for a while, squeezed it, and let it dry.  But, I feel like this is too much staining, so….



I rinsed out some of the coffee and let the piece dry again.  I’m much happier with this level of aging.



Next, I trim the weavers cloth.  I’m planning to use the remaining weavers cloth as the backing.



I prefer to have the backing completely hidden from the front view, so I fold and press it back as much as possible.

three sides done

three sides done

For the fourth side, I fold the weavers….

first fold

first fold

…so that when I press the final edge I’ll have a nice, clean finish…

ready to stitch

ready to stitch

I like using this method for my antique-hooked-rug-inspired embroideries.  The back is reminiscent of an envelope which brings to mind days gone by when writing, mailing and delivering letters was something of an art.


Sometimes, I like to hide my stitches, but this time I think I’ll let them shine.


all stitched

I give the back a good pressing, then…

a little identity

a little identity

…sign and date the back.



And, we’re done!

antique original

antique original

Above is the original, though a very poor quality picture.  Below is my version…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

What a fun project this was!  I’d love to see your finishes and share them here if you allow me to!


enjoy the day!






2 cats 2 birds punching progress…..


I like the dark backgrounds, and the p4 border, but the little bit of 146 that I tried on the far right seems too dark.  So….OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

…enter o549.   O549 is a combination of pink and white/ivory.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I think this is going to work!

How is your 2 cats 2 birds coming along?