Choosing color…


I’ve decided to begin my quiet adventure into the equine with this antique rug design ~ the palette is so simple and neutral, which translates into peaceful punching. I will be following the original as closely as I can, based on the colors of floss that I have in my collection.

The above photo shows my chosen perle cottons ~ oh, those lovely neutrals! These are all Valdani flosses, which is the type of floss I like to use. I think any brand of floss is great ~ there are so many ways to combine DMC, or any other brand of floss, to create lovely finishes. I use Valdani perle cottons for a number of reasons, but the most important is because it is the fiber easiest for
my wrist. I know for some punchers that DMC, and other 6 strand flosses are best for wrist fatigue, but for me, the Valdani perle cotton allowed me to continue punching when I thought I would have to give it up due to wrist and elbow pain.

I use two strands of #12 perle cotton in a medium Cameo needle, on the lowest (#1) setting. Some of you have asked how I get my pieces to look so dense. I’m a tight puncher, for sure, but more than that I think it’s due to the low setting on the needle.

Are you wondering how to get two strands of perle cotton out of one ball? Here’s how I do it…

There is an end inside the ball, like in the pic above. Sometimes, it’s really, really easy to find this end. Sometimes, it’s really, really difficult!

There’s an outer strand, too ~ so simple from here! I rarely have problems with my strands tangling. The exception is the perle tweed which has a tendency to twist a bit. I’ve tried using two and three balls of DMC perle cotton, (DMC perle doesn’t allow for two strands from one ball) but I am not talented enough nor patient enough to keep the balls from winding ’round and ’round one another. You are probably much more patient than I am, so you may find using DMC perle is easy for you. You can get some really pretty combinations if you use two or three different colors of DMC. DMC perle #12 is finer than Valdani #12, so when I’ve tried the DMC I’ve found that three strands of DMC is about as thick as two strands of Valdani.

While I’m deciding where to begin on my pattern, I’m visited by a little friend…


I’m able to make a start on my piece, but I’ll be travelling in the car with my husband while working on part of it. I’d like to keep my needles together, but seperated…. what could I use? I look around and find a humble egg carton I’ve kept, “just in case” (one never knows when one may need an egg carton, after all).


It works perfectly!


I’ll also be able to fit a few extra flosses, a pair of scissors, and a threader or two.

Today, Randy and I are half way through our road trip and I’ve completed all the main elements of the design, except the tree.


I’m hoping to get a good start on the background as we head homeward.

Until next time, friends, may your heart be light and your purse heavy!