a donkey’s dream…

Are you familiar with Apifera Farm?  Yes?  No?  It’s a delightful place… a place for dreaming, a place to rest, a place of kindness… gentleness….. and generosity….

visit apifera farm by clicking here

visit apifera farm by clicking here

Apifera farm is a place of sanctuary…. sanctuary ~ what a lovely, lovely word ~ The farm was created by Katherine Dunn and her husband Martyn.  It’s become a place of refuge for animals who have been used and/or abused, a place for misfits and a place where Katherine bakes pie…


“A grumpy pig can be herself” ~katherine dunn

As something of a misfit myself, I felt completely at home the very first time I visited Apifera Farm (via the internet), and I was hooked.  “what,” i asked myself, “could be sweeter than to be part of such a place?, a place overflowing with hope, a place filled to the brim with all things endearing.”, and so, I’ve been following and supporting Katherine Dunn and her “misfits” ever since.

3.15g Katherine Dunn is more than a good Samaritan, more than a farmer, more than a baker of pie.  She’s a writer and an artist (and a grower of lavender… i love lavender), she has a book in the works right now, in fact.  It will be the second Apifera Farm book to be published.  Here’s the cover of the farm’s first book…

apifera farm's first book

apifera farm’s first book.  don’t you just love katherine’s artwork?

When you visit her farm/blog you will meet the finest of creatures, and you’ll find ample opportunity for helping these misfits, should you choose.  You may even find your way to helping Katherine publish her new book,  Donkey Dream {A Love Story of Pie & Farm}.  You can read a bit about the book by visiting Katherine’s blog, here, or by visiting kickstarter.com, here. Ellis can tell you all about being a misfit ~ about being neglected and abandoned ~ about the difference a tiny bit of kindness, a small lump of generosity, can make….

"there aren't any cushions to share when you're abandoned" ~ ellis

“there aren’t any cushions to share when you’re abandoned” ~ ellis

"there aren't any catnip sockies to attack when you're abused." ~ ellis

“there aren’t any catnip sockies to attack when you’re abused.” ~ ellis

"there's no place to rest your head when you're thrown." ~ ellis

“there isn’t any place to rest your head when you’re thrown away like a worn out glove.” ~ ellis

And so, Ellis and I hope that you’ll visit Apifera Farm and fall in love with Katherine’s creatures and creations, just like we did.

may life always treat you with kindness….


thank you to Katherine Dunn and Apifera Farm for allowing me to use their beautiful photographs, and for giving me the opportunity to be part of something i believe in!