taking a risk…..

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i miss hooking.  really, really miss it.  so, today i stepped way outside my comfort zone and spent money i don’t have to invest in a future i really want to pursue.

bee line townsend 14″ rug hooking frame

i purchased this rug hooking frame….

bee line townsend #10 long cutter kit

… and this cutter from The Merry Hooker ~ click here for her shop.


this is an investment, a big one, and i’m somewhat terrified.  why?  well, for three reasons:

ellis, otis and lilly on the track of “something” (i don’t even want to know what).


my 3 best friends are also my worst enemies when it comes to hooking.  they want to lounge, languish and lie on my rugs… not just the finished ones, which they love to pull apart, but more importantly the ones that i’m working on… while i’m working on them.  i’m hoping, hoping, hoping, that now that they’re a little older they’ll allow me to hook without playing with my wool strips, napping on my lap, biting my hook, and generally making themselves PRESENT….


wish me luck!



grey house colors…

notforgotten farm grey house

notforgotten farm grey house

hello, hello!

i had a question about the colors i used for Lori Brechlin’s Grey House.  i made this little pillow over the summer ~ i just love punching houses!

ok, here is the Valdani i used:OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and, here’s what i used each for:

4 ~ window panes

146 ~ window frames and muntins (aka window pane dividers.  i just googled what window pane dividers are called and found “muntin” ~ what a cool word!  reminds me “mutton dressed as lamb”, for some inexplicable reason.)

P4 ~ house

H205 ~ roof and door

PT2 ~ vine

thank you for your question, Wendy!

wishing you all a day filled with mirth and merriment (and maybe a few muntins, too)!




have you been to ireland?

cliffs of mohor

cliffs of moher

no?  go….

the voyage of st. brendan

the voyage of st. brendan

…you’ll find a place steeped in history and folklore….

randy enjoying tea at a castle

randy sips a spot of tea

…a quiet place to have a cuppa….

a butterfly joins our tea party

a butterfly joins our tea party

…in the company of butterflies.

one of many

one of many

you’ll find the inspiration and strength….OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

…of angels.  eloquence will be your reward….

me, jenn (randy's sister), randy

me, jenn (randy’s sister), randy

…once you kiss the blarney stone.

reminder of the potato famine

reminder of the potato famine

you’ll feel the searing pain of the past and you’ll cry…

comical cow

comical cow

…but, you’ll have so many opportunities to laugh out loud.

which way?

which way?

most of the time, you’ll wonder where you are….

blarney castle


…but it won’t really matter, because where ever you are it will be beautiful, breathtakingly, almost painfully, beautiful….OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAand sometimes hauntingly still.

an impromptu session

an impromptu session

if you visit the pubs you’ll hear music and laughter, and if you mix with the locals themselves….

me, irishman david, randy

me, irishman david, randy

you’ll make friends for a lifetime.

someone said to me, once, “if you ever, ever get the opportunity to go to ireland, don’t even think about it. just. GO!”  i didn’t understand before, but now i do.  it’s a home from home… a quiet home, and a very old home. a slow-down-and-breath-the-clean-air home.  it is, in fact, a home very much like being at home, lacking only the proud and glorious stars and stripes, and…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


ellis…IMG_0303and otis.

…home, sweet home


a pat on the back…

I just wanted to share this rare event with you…

It happened….

I can hardly believe it…

I finished a rug!

ta da!

“home” design by notforgotten farm

It only took me a year to complete, but that’s because I had so much help.  Even right up to stitching on the binding, my friends were beside me, pitching in.

ellis lends his moral support

ellis lends his moral support

I’ve listed Home on etsy (click here if you’d like to take a gander), but until Home finds a new home, I will enjoy having Home at home!

Hoping you had a pleasant weekend and wishing you a delightful week!