a new book…..

polly minick and her sister have a new book out!…….

“blue and white” – minick and simpson


this is a gorgeous book that explores how polly and her sister use their rugs and quilts to enrich their homes.  i highly recommend this one!


you can find, “blue and white” on etsy by clicking here, or on amazon by clicking here.



cathy continued…

I just had to come back and share this one from Cathy which didn’t get into my last post….

cathy's "oliveah"

cathy’s “oliveah”

Is she not the sweetest thing?  Swoon!

I forgot, yesterday, to let you know that Cathy sells her finishes on ebay under the name, “fourewe”.  Click here to visit her shop.

embrace the day!



summer swimmers patterns….

I’ve had some requests for the Summer Swimmers patterns, so, here they are!

Folks ask me why I don’t simply offer all my patterns on my etsy shop.  Well, I just prefer to give them to you.

I mean, by the time etsy takes its cut ($.20 for each listing plus their commission, and transaction fees) and paypal takes its cut, there’s not a whole lot left.  Then there’s the time it takes to create the listings on etsy, not to mention the photographing and editing.  And, besides, I Like you!  I want to share, and I’m so incredibly flattered that anyone would be interested in my designs in the first place!

When I first started punching, I was completely clueless.  I didn’t know anything about copyright infringements (and I still don’t know much).  I didn’t know what patterns I could use for pieces I wanted to sell or just make for myself, etc. etc., etc…It was stressful, I wanted to punch and sell pieces, but I didn’t want to step on a designers toes….

My designs, such as they are, are here for anyone who wants to use them.  I ask only that you use my designs for your own personal use, for small quantity sales of finishes, that you give credit to the designer, and that you not copy, sell, or in other ways exploit, or mass produce the patterns.

So, all that being said, here are the Summer Swimmer patterns, such as they are:

summer swimmer 1

summer swimmer 1

I think I got the name right on the above.  Summer Swimmer 1:

summer swimmer 1 pattern

summer swimmer 1 pattern

summer swimmer 2

summer swimmer 2

If he was Summer Swimmer 1, she must be Summer Swimmer 2….

summer swimmer 2

summer swimmer 2

And now, I come to another reason why I’m reluctant to sell my patterns rather than give them away.  I don’t actually draw “patterns”.  I just draw a design on weavers cloth and start punching.  The fact is, I’m not interested in punching a design more than once, so I seldom create a paper pattern, and I really dislike that process ~ of creating a paper pattern and transferring it to the weavers cloth…. it’s just a waste of time and energy since I’ll never use it again….  “Ah me”, as Grandma H would say.





february phm update and cathy…..

It’s time for the February Primitive Handmades Mercantile update.  I have four galvanized flower pots available this month.  Here’s a peek…



I should have these on the site, ready for sale, by midnight tonight.  If you are interested in taking a closer look, you can visit my PHM shop by clicking here.  I won’t be able to ship anything until next Thursday.

For those of you who asked about Cathy’s fabulous creations I shared with you last time, both her pieces are from her own design.  I’m not sure if she has her patterns for sale, but I will find out!  Here’s one more piece she shared with me….

cathy's design and work

cathy’s design and work

how FABULOUS is that?!

stay warm!



notforgotten farm frame…

Several of you have asked how I like the Lori Brechlin Notforgotten Farm hooking/punch needle frame I purchased.  Do I like it?  You Betcha!  It’s just perfect, as far as I’m concerned!  (You can click here to see my first post regarding the frame.)  So, would I recommend it for every puncher out there?  You Betcha!

ellis thinks it's pretty great, too

ellis thinks it’s pretty great, too

Lori’s gripper frame is just right for small embroidery patterns, and my first project, using the frame, was a Polly Minick punch needle flag.

polly minick design

polly minick design

Whilst I was punching this project my weavers cloth stayed drum tight on the frame ~ absolutely no slippage!   And, I didn’t need anything over my arms or over the grippers to protect me from gripper-attack ~ not once did I draw blood or even mar the surface of my skin while punching.  What a delightful change from my hooking frame where I take my life in my hands each time I use it, (unless I remember to cover my arms and the grippers, and I usually do remember, directly after my first flesh wound).

"which is prettier, me or the frame?"  ~ellis

“which is prettier, me or the frame?” ~ellis

All this modeling is exhausting for Ellis, but he still…..

"duty calls" ~ellis

“duty calls” ~ellis

….has the energy to play with his catnip sockie.


Until next time ~ be as light of heart as you can be!



phm update…

little love bird

little love bird ~ available for purchase in my PHM shop. :~>

Primitive Handmades Mercantile just updated its site last Friday and there are lots of fabulous new prims to purchase and, in honor of our one year anniversary there are lots and lots of giveaways to be had!

crow and posy ~ phm giveaway

crow and posy ~ phm giveaway

It’s easy to enter the drawings to win one of the wonderful handmades available.  Simply click here to go to Primitive Handmades Mercantile homepage and follow the instructions.  Best of all, you get to choose which giveaway you’d like to win!

Until next time, wishing you warmth and happiness!



coffee, cats and updates…

Some time ago, in fact I think it was back in May, I started an experiment with coffee. Would coffee-stain age hooked wool as well as it ages perle cotton and other flosses.  The short answer is, no.  However, I was surprisingly pleased with the results ~ what do you think?

hooking the mat with invaluable assistance from otis

First, I hooked a small mat using un-dyed and dyed neutral wools.  Otis was a really big help here, I’m not sure I would have made it through without him (that’s it for the “cats” part of this post).


soaking the wool

I submerged the hooked mat in coffee and left it alone for several hours.  When I remembered that the mat was still soaking, I removed it from the coffee, wrung it out, laid it on a waxed-paper-covered cookie sheet and baked it for a while.  (I put the mat on the cookie sheet in a cold oven, turned it on to 250*, and shut the oven off as soon as it reached temperature.)  Because the wool didn’t dry completely in the oven, I hung the mat up over night.  Now dry, the mat went into the washing machine and the dryer with some other laundry.  It emerged wrinkled with the linen backing frayed, but in good, aged condition.

aged mat

I steamed it flat, and was excited to see that, not only had the colors softened a bit, but the wool itself appeared softer and older, and the loops themselves appeared to be happier with their neighboring loops.  I’m hoping to try this method on a larger rug, some day, though baking one in the oven would be out of the question!

As for updates, it’s the third Friday of the month (tomorrow) which is when Primitive Handmades Mercantile artisans add new items to their shops.  I have updated mine, already, so if you’d like to see what I’m offering or if you’d like to visit any of the fabulous stores on PHM, click here and then click on “Our Artists”.  My shop is The Simple Quiet.  I was hoping to have Magdalena’s Horses on the site this month, but no, so perhaps September. 🙂

until next time, enjoy some simple quiet today…



These strawberries were among those pieces that I stained the other day.  Both of the pearl cottons I used to punch these tiny berries are from the Valdani pearl tweed collection.  I love the way the flecks in the red floss are reminiscent of strawberry seeds!

It doesn’t take much stuffing to fill out these fruits!  When I’m drawing the strawberries onto my weavers cloth, I sketch them freehand rather than using a pattern or template.  I like my strawberries to be original, wonky and imperfect, just like the real thing.Sometimes, one strawberry is all one needs… On the other hand, it’s awfully nice to have a whole bunch!

These berries will be for sale beginning July 20 on the Primitive Handmades Mercantile site.


Enjoy a strawberry today!