I’m always so thrilled when anyone sends me a photo of what they’ve been punching, and I love it when they allow me to share the images with you!  So inspiring!

Today, I have shares from Myra and Marion….

myra's posies

myra’s posies

First, I have to tell you how much I ADORE Myra’s Posies.  I love everything about the above image, from the actual punched piece, which is brilliant, to the fabric it’s resting on, to the wee little scissors sitting quietly in the offing.  Myra’s Posies is actually from one of my doodles, but I like Myra’s version so much better than mine… I may have to make one for myself!  Thank you, Myra, for inspiring me!

Marion has generously shared several of her fabulous finishes….WP_my rabbit finish wp_rabbit and sheep greeting_2015 0 WP_10 footIsn’t she a talented lady?  She will be taking part in the Lighthouse Festival Show June 12 and 13 in St. Ignace, Michigan and I just know that she is going to be very popular!  I love every one of her pieces… and the glimpses of her primitive home ~ lovely!

Thank you Myra and Marion for sharing with me and allowing me to share with the simple quiet world….


be well and happy, my friends…