farmer and wife…

Farmer and Wife, a Notforgotten Farm design, is another project, like Rocking Horse from my previous post, that I punched and then took time out to await inspiration.



While punching, I had fun trying out a new-to-me Valdani blue, M42.  It’s a color that’s reminiscent of bright blue summer skies and paired beautifully, in my opinion, with the golden straw-colored Valdani H205.  I think a cup of coffee is on the agenda now, both for me and for my Farmer and Wife!

stained and ready to finish

coffee stained and ready to finish

I liked the way the Valdani M42 and H205 took to their coffee stain.  Both colors softened and darkened a bit, and now both Farmer and Wife are ready for their big finishes.  The only trouble is, I don’t have a finishing clue!  I’ll ask Lilly what to do…



…Lilly offers me nothing except the fluttering of one eyelid.  Otis and Ellis….?

busy, busy, busy

busy, busy, busy

Evidently, I’m on my own here.

After many days of profound and intense thought (about other things) light dawns and I have an idea.

a good read

a good read

I have two copies of the book Audubon, both hard covered in blue, a blue which gets along famously with the colors in my punch needles.  One of the books is already losing its covers, front and back, so I think I’ll make use of the opportunity and use these salvaged pieces.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANow, Farmer and his Wife are ready to lean just about anywhere.  At the moment they’re hanging out in my etsy shop, if you’d like to take a look!

Until next time, may all your seedlings sprout!