taking a risk…..

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i miss hooking.  really, really miss it.  so, today i stepped way outside my comfort zone and spent money i don’t have to invest in a future i really want to pursue.

bee line townsend 14″ rug hooking frame

i purchased this rug hooking frame….

bee line townsend #10 long cutter kit

… and this cutter from The Merry Hooker ~ click here for her shop.


this is an investment, a big one, and i’m somewhat terrified.  why?  well, for three reasons:

ellis, otis and lilly on the track of “something” (i don’t even want to know what).


my 3 best friends are also my worst enemies when it comes to hooking.  they want to lounge, languish and lie on my rugs… not just the finished ones, which they love to pull apart, but more importantly the ones that i’m working on… while i’m working on them.  i’m hoping, hoping, hoping, that now that they’re a little older they’ll allow me to hook without playing with my wool strips, napping on my lap, biting my hook, and generally making themselves PRESENT….


wish me luck!



family tree progress…

I’ve had emails from  some of you asking if you have to use the colors/floss/needle settings that I listed in the previous post, in order to do the Family Tree design ~ no, no, no!! Please, use what you have, what you like, what you’re comfortable with!   Make whatever changes you’d like to the design ~ make your piece as unique to you as you want!  I’m looking forward to seeing all the variations you come up with!

family tree

family tree

It’s been such a beautiful weekend here, I’ve spent most of my waking hours sitting on the front porch punching.  What have you been up to?


wishing you a peaceful memorial day….





family tree ~ won’t you join me?….

getting started

getting started

Yesterday, I doodled a little design and thought somebody might like to stitch along with me.  So, I asked Lilly to join in….

"no thank you" ~ lilly

“no thank you” ~ lilly

…but, she’s a busy little girl and has no time to play with needle and thread.  Otis?  Any interest in stitching?

"ha!" ~the oatbran

“zzzzzzzzz” ~the oatbran

Perhaps you would join me?  I’m going to be punching this pattern, but you could hook or cross stitch or whatever your heart desires!

lovely valdani

lovely valdani

If you would like to give it a try, just grab the pattern below, drag it to your desktop and print it to whatever size suits your needs.

family tree freebie pattern

family tree freebie pattern

I’m going to use the pattern at full size, which is about 8″ x 10″ or thereabouts.  Here are the colors I’ve picked out….

floss, floss, floss

floss, floss, floss

…and here’s what I’ll be using each for, possibly, (colors are subject to change, of course, depending on the whim of the moment)

p3 ~ background

pt4 ~ background

pt5 ~ background


o575 ~ tree


I’ll be using the rest of the colors for the leaves, animals, and people:  o549, jp4, jp6, 6, h205, o154 and 146.

All the above Valdani flosses are size 12 perle cotton and I’ll be using two strands of each color with my Cameo punch needle set at the lowest, #1, setting.

If you decide to stitch along with me, I’d love to hear how you’re doing and see pictures of your progress, should you care to share!


may your heart be light!