mirror redo…

miss mustard seed mirror

miss mustard seeds mirror

Do you remember this mirror that I hung on our front porch last summer?  No?  Click here to see the post I did last year.  I simply loved that Miss Mustard Seeds chippy, milk paint finish.  Love, Love, Love.  However, I forgot to seal that gorgeousness against the elements, and after the unforgiving winter we just had… well…..

oh no

oh no

This is how it looked.  Almost all that beautiful finish was reduced to just so much chippy-ness on my porch floor.  So, not having anymore of the beloved milk paint on hand, I had to think of something else.

Lilly’s pretty good at the creative side of things, so I asked her what to do.

"are you serious?  i don't have time to take care of your projects." ~lilly

“are you serious? i don’t have time to take care of your projects.  i am busy, busy, busy and i have a lot to do.” ~lilly

It’s up to me, I guess.  I know I want to keep with the white, and I know I want a forgiving medium (because, let’s face it, I’m not exactly meticulous when it comes to painting or anything outside of punch needle and hooking).  Of course!  The obvious answer is decoupage!  I can’t think of anything easier or more mindless ~ just slap on some decoupage adhesive, slap on some clip art, slap on some more adhesive, let dry.  I can do that!

ellis lends his paws

ellis lends his paws

Ellis is in the corner, helping me with my technique.  Thank you Ellis.  For the clip art I went to my favorite source ~ the graphics fairy.  I could spend days (in fact I have) wallowing in all the graphics fairy’s fabulous, vintage clip art!  If you’re ever looking for something I highly recommend her site ~ all her images are free and in the public domain, so no copyright worries!  I went with all french images and words for this particular project.

the oatbran approves

the oatbran approves

Because I wanted a soft, faded look, Otis suggested I rub the surface with white paint.  I did and I really like how the graphics moved into the background.  (did you notice I broke the mirror?  yep.  i was utterly astonished at how thin that glass is, like two sheets of paper, thin ~ wow ~ lots of bad luck for people, back in the day).

After applying another coat of decoupage over the white paint (and “repairing” the mirror by adding some tape to the back), the mirror was ready to re-hang…

ready for spring

ready for spring

Now, the front porch is ready to reflect all that blossoms this Spring.

may all our projects be so simple!





rocking horse…

I thought to myself, a long time ago, that it would be fun to make a punch needle rocking horse.  So, I drew a simple horse on weavers cloth and adorned it with one of my favorite Bird in the Hand Primitives designs.  This was the easy, dreamy part, whence everything seemed possible!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I started punching with my favorite hues and added a tiny bit of orange and blue for a bit of something-or-other.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I punched horizontally for the head, tail and around the central motif…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

…and vertically on the legs and back.  The mane was great fun!  I punched it long and fluffy….

and then I stuck…. and stuck and stuck.  For several weeks I looked at my horse and my horse looked at me.

Suddenly, and I’ve really no clear idea how it happened, all at once, in one fell creative swoop, my horse was finished.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I used a wood strap, salvaged from an antique trunk and some of its decorative hardware to make the rocker.  Inside the legs are wood dowels through which screws anchor the horse to the rocker.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I visited my favorite site for free vintage clip art.  Graphics Fairy is unparalleled for unique and wonderful ephemera.  I used bits and pieces for both the rocker and a paper tag.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe tag on the right is the same type of tag I covered.  The tag on the left has clip art Mod Podged  on both sides and is waiting to be antiqued.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Now, the tag on the left has been rubbed with a Distress Ink ink pad in Walnut Stain.  Once the ink dried, I applied One Step Crackle and rubbed it again with the Distress Ink.  Though you can’t see the crackles in this photo, they are there and add some nice age and softness.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I backed my horse with stained weavers cloth and added a homespun patch.

ta da

ta da

So, there you have it!

On to the next project…. perhaps a rocking sheep, or cat, or….??

Now that winter’s nearly at its end, May all your spring bulbs of creativity bloom beautifully!



You can see Rocking Horse on etsy if you’d like.