antique inspired patterns and finishes….

I’ve been having a ball working on antique inspired pieces.  Maybe you’d like to try your hand at these, too?

You can visit my etsy shop to see more photos of these antique inspired mats by clicking here.

I’ve included simple, and not super good quality, patterns in this post.  They are for your personal use, and should not be mass-produced either as patterns or finished pieces.  As these are antique rugs, the designs are in the public domain… I love that!  Unfortunately, as with so many antique rugs, there’s no information about the hooker, so credit cannot be given to any one individual.  However, I like to let others know that the design is not mine by referring to my finishes as “antique inspired”.

"we win" original hooked rug

“we win” original hooked rug

My favorite is the above, “We Win”.  OH!  Just look at all those missing/faded stitches ~ gorgeous!  How, oh how! am I to reproduce those perfect imperfections?  It was a challenge, but so much fun!

"we win" pattern

“we win” pattern

Above, you’ll find the pattern for, “We Win” ~ my apologies for the wrinkles.

"we win" colors

“we win” colors

Above, are the colors I decided upon.

The finish…

my punched "we win"

my punched “we win”

If you’d like to see more pictures of “We Win” you can click here to visit my etsy shop.

Next is “Two Horses”…

"two horses" original antique hooked rug

“two horses” original antique hooked rug

…and, here’s the pattern….

"two horses" pattern

“two horses” pattern

…again, apologies for the wrinkles.  Evidently, I forgot to photograph the colors I used, but here’s the list:  p3, p4, 146, 5, h212, and o510.

Here’s the finish…

my punched "two horses"

my punched “two horses”

You can see more pics of “Two Horses” by clicking here.

The last piece I finished is “Two Chickens One Horse” (aren’t I creative with my titles?).

"two chickens one horse" original hooked rug

“two chickens one horse” original hooked rug

The pattern….

"two chickens one horse" pattern

“two chickens one horse” pattern

The colors….

"two chickens one horse" colors

“two chickens one horse” colors

Unfortunately, the floss without labels are mystery colors.

The finish….

my punched "two chickens one horse"

my punched “two chickens one horse”

You can, of course, see more photos of “Two Chickens One Horse” by clicking here.


There you have it!

enjoy the coming of spring!



waiting for inspiration….

Whenever I have that empty, uninspired feeling, I turn to the amazing google and execute a search for antique hooked rugs…..732_20007 I love, no, LOVE antique hooked rugs….aac9eff8badb80dfa85b7b3c8fbbf2fb

There is so much scope for the imagination!H0043-L69138459

And, all these designs are in the public domain…23199596_1_l

…we can play to our hearts content.-House+and+Home-+Hooked+Rug

So, which one am I going to work on?  This one, I think…


Look how tiny that picture is.  I can’t find it anywhere on the web any bigger than this.  When I try to enlarge it, it becomes a pixellated puzzle of shapes and colors.  This is going to be a real challenge…


what are you working on?



mirror redo…

miss mustard seed mirror

miss mustard seeds mirror

Do you remember this mirror that I hung on our front porch last summer?  No?  Click here to see the post I did last year.  I simply loved that Miss Mustard Seeds chippy, milk paint finish.  Love, Love, Love.  However, I forgot to seal that gorgeousness against the elements, and after the unforgiving winter we just had… well…..

oh no

oh no

This is how it looked.  Almost all that beautiful finish was reduced to just so much chippy-ness on my porch floor.  So, not having anymore of the beloved milk paint on hand, I had to think of something else.

Lilly’s pretty good at the creative side of things, so I asked her what to do.

"are you serious?  i don't have time to take care of your projects." ~lilly

“are you serious? i don’t have time to take care of your projects.  i am busy, busy, busy and i have a lot to do.” ~lilly

It’s up to me, I guess.  I know I want to keep with the white, and I know I want a forgiving medium (because, let’s face it, I’m not exactly meticulous when it comes to painting or anything outside of punch needle and hooking).  Of course!  The obvious answer is decoupage!  I can’t think of anything easier or more mindless ~ just slap on some decoupage adhesive, slap on some clip art, slap on some more adhesive, let dry.  I can do that!

ellis lends his paws

ellis lends his paws

Ellis is in the corner, helping me with my technique.  Thank you Ellis.  For the clip art I went to my favorite source ~ the graphics fairy.  I could spend days (in fact I have) wallowing in all the graphics fairy’s fabulous, vintage clip art!  If you’re ever looking for something I highly recommend her site ~ all her images are free and in the public domain, so no copyright worries!  I went with all french images and words for this particular project.

the oatbran approves

the oatbran approves

Because I wanted a soft, faded look, Otis suggested I rub the surface with white paint.  I did and I really like how the graphics moved into the background.  (did you notice I broke the mirror?  yep.  i was utterly astonished at how thin that glass is, like two sheets of paper, thin ~ wow ~ lots of bad luck for people, back in the day).

After applying another coat of decoupage over the white paint (and “repairing” the mirror by adding some tape to the back), the mirror was ready to re-hang…

ready for spring

ready for spring

Now, the front porch is ready to reflect all that blossoms this Spring.

may all our projects be so simple!





basket of goodies….

I was looking around today for someone to share secrets with…

otis is busy

otis is busy

Otis had hung out the “do not disturb” sign….

ellis is busy

ellis is busy

Ellis evidently had plans to spend the day in my work chair…. alone.


lilly is busy…

Lilly’s mind was clearly elsewhere…

whatever she sees, it might just deserve investigation...

whatever she sees, it might just warrant investigation…

engaged in critical contemplation of something…

and, she's gone!

and, she’s gone!

apparently worthy of closer scrutiny.

I’ll have to entertain myself, today, so I turn my attention to a diminutive basket I brought home from my mother’s house this weekend where my sister and I paid a visit.

antique basket

antique basket

This little work basket was made in Germany and has been collecting dust for 20 years on a shelf.  I don’t suppose it’s been opened for a decade or more.

pandora's box

pandora’s box

I love how it looks a bit like a tufted armchair when it’s open.

treasures await

treasures await

Inside, I find a jumble of possibilities ~ things look very promising, indeed.

needles and more needles

needles and more needles

I find needles, lots of needles,

old and worn

old and worn

a darner and wood spools of thread,

mother's handwork

mother’s handwork

my mom’s scissor and thimble keeper,

embroidery punches

embroidery punches

some very interesting tools,OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAa fabulous old hoop,OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAa tape measure I remember playing with as a child, and…

oh my! can it be?

oh my! can it be?

be still my heart, this antique bird pin cushion.

lovely patina

lovely patina

I was looking for one of these, just the other day on  It’s one of those things I really don’t need, but really, really want.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI don’t know why I want one, except that I love birds and these little creations are so intriguing.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI wonder in what quiet rooms this enchanting bird has served.  How many times has it sat in front of the fire whilst its mistress stitched with the family cat curled at her feet or, more likely, on her lap.  What secrets could this little bird tell?OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy mother also gave me this fabulous old paper box, filled to the brim with…



silk floss ~ oh, lovely, lovely!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJust look at those neutrals ~ yum!

The last thing I came home with is my favorite thing.

c is for...

c is for…

I just love this pillow my mother made years, and years, and years ago.  The neutrals simply sing to me and the quiet design speaks to my heart, reminding me of days gone by when my mother was my mother and the most creative person in the whole world.

May your day be filled with joyful memories and thoughts of blessings to come!