merrie’s swimmer…..

merrie's swimmer

merrie’s swimmer

Merrie, of Maggies Farm 1846, sent me this photo of her hooked rug from my pattern, “summer swimmer”.  I love her wool version ~ all that movement in the water ~ just gorgeous!  Merrie graciously gave me permission to share her finish with you… thank you, Merrie!

You can see more of Merrie’s beautiful work on her etsy shop ~ click here, and on her ebay shop ~ click here.

As you know, I am TERRIBLE at getting my patterns drawn on paper, but here, for what they are worth, are the patterns for my summer swimmers…

summer swimmer 1 pattern

summer swimmer 1 pattern

The above is sometimes called “summer swimmer 1”, and sometimes called, “summer swimmer 2”.  You can title it any way you’d like!

summer swimmer 2

summer swimmer 2

And, the above also goes by, “summer swimmer 2” or “summer swimmer 1”!  Again, you can call it what you like!

I believe you should be able to right-click, or double-click, or click and drag, to get these patterns to your desktop so that you can print them to your desired size.  I know! it can be an exercise in frustration trying to get photos to the desktop, sometimes!

If you’d like to see my punch needle finishes from my original post where I share the patterns and the Valdani colors I used, click here.

It’s raining here today, so I’m not doing much swimming, but maybe I’ll pick up my punch needle and create a new Summer Swimmer….







summer swimmers colors…..

summer swimmers

summer swimmers

I’m so glad y’all (or some of y’all) like the summer swimmers ~ thank you for all the kind feedback.

Here are the colors I used:

original color choices

original color choices

Originally, I planned to use the above colors, but I amended my selection and instead of using the Valdani pt 3 for the blue of the flag and the sky I decided to just use it for the flag and add jp 11 for the sky….

sky and

jp 11 sky

The other colors are:

5 ~ light ecru ~ flag, lady swimmer, border

h205 ~ ancient gold ~ flag pole

pt3 ~ blue twisted tweed ~ flag

jp11 ~ heavenly hue ~ sky

o578 ~ primitive blue ~ water, border

0510 ~ terracotta twist ~ bathing suit, flag

h212 ~ faded 3

brown ~ hair

I used Valdani #12 perle cotton in my Cameo punch needle on the lowest, #1, setting.

I hope this helps!


happy punching!