almost done…

whew!  it’s hot here!  so, not a lot of hooking, but i am almost done with miss b’s turkey.

“yep, she’s almost done.” ~the oatsy

otis is my project manager.  thank you, otis, for keeping on top of things!  as i said, i’m almost done with miss b’s turkey.

“this part looks ok.” ~elly-belly

ellis is in charge of quality control.  thank you for checking my loops, ellis.  so, anyway, the rug…

“hey! where are my workers?” ~lilly-kins

lilly is in charge of hiring and firing.  she keeps the boys in line.  thank you, lilly!

one small corner to go

i’ve had some questions from a few of you about what size the rug is and the colors i’m using.  i’ll try to answer those next time!


wishing you warm days and cool nights…




9 thoughts on “almost done…

  1. Love your kittys! They are so much help! Love your rug too! And of course your blog! You always are busy with something! Enjoy your day!

  2. Love this and I love your workers too. In their little world EVERYTHING is theirs. I’m surprised they let you hook at all. We love our kitties.

  3. It’s great that you get instant approval from your co-workers but I will add to it non the less. Lovely muted colour choices and strip size wòrks really well. Another success!

  4. I am a newby to traditional rug hooking and still like a sponge — absorbing as much in as I can. This piece is lovely and I love how your three fur babies approve of your work. 🙂

  5. I miss your blogs! And I love the turkey rug! The colors are fabulous! Did you sell it? I wish you would come back to blogging and posting!!!

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