miss b’s turkey, day one…

today, i started on miss b’s turkey.  i got to use my new, fabulous bee line townsend hooking frame.  I’ve been reluctant to get back to hooking (you can click here to see why).  and, while it wasn’t entirely paw-free, i enjoyed it thoroughly!

“this looks like the purrfect place to perch.” ~the elly-belly

i finally got a photo of my progress…

miss b’s turkey

as you can see, if you look past the actual hooking, my drawing skills leave lots to be desired.  i must have drawn the turkey’s head four times, with a sharpie no less, however, since i draw my patterns on my backing freehand, there are always lots of extra lines and blobs and various marks.  that’s simply the way i do things.  i know there are far more efficient methods, but i like to be comfortable.

what do you think, lilly?

“it’s a snake!” ~the lilly-lou-hoo

lilly likes to steal the wool strip that i am about to use and pretend that it’s an enemy.  once she reduces it to a pulp, she carries it around and mourns over it.

we have many turkeys in our neighborhood and woods.  some people think turkeys are ugly and awkward, but i think they’re extraordinary.  the females are amazing mothers, and the males are so graceful when they’re courting.  i’m proud of my niece for seeing the artistic side of our natural world!


until i can get to my hooking under all these cats…

be happy!



7 thoughts on “miss b’s turkey, day one…

  1. Love the hooking and colour choices. I wonder what size cut? Have missed your blog as I always look forward to pics of the cats as much as your work.

  2. I empathize with your cat situation! I work with mohair fabric and one of my cats has a fixation with it and will drag it around the house if I don’t hide it from him! I’m sure your hooking with be fab when finished, looking forward to seeing it!

  3. Love your turkey! Please keep posting, you are an inspiration to me! What size cut are you hooking with? I like your colors as always

  4. I draw my patterns freehand as well (I use rug warp). My favorite trick is to use three different sharpies, one very light, one a bit darker in a different color, and my “final draft” in a thick black sharpie – makes it easier to ignore the earlier lines 🙂

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