taking a risk…..

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i miss hooking.  really, really miss it.  so, today i stepped way outside my comfort zone and spent money i don’t have to invest in a future i really want to pursue.

bee line townsend 14″ rug hooking frame

i purchased this rug hooking frame….

bee line townsend #10 long cutter kit

… and this cutter from The Merry Hooker ~ click here for her shop.


this is an investment, a big one, and i’m somewhat terrified.  why?  well, for three reasons:

ellis, otis and lilly on the track of “something” (i don’t even want to know what).


my 3 best friends are also my worst enemies when it comes to hooking.  they want to lounge, languish and lie on my rugs… not just the finished ones, which they love to pull apart, but more importantly the ones that i’m working on… while i’m working on them.  i’m hoping, hoping, hoping, that now that they’re a little older they’ll allow me to hook without playing with my wool strips, napping on my lap, biting my hook, and generally making themselves PRESENT….


wish me luck!



21 thoughts on “taking a risk…..

  1. I totally understand what you mean about taking a risk, I recently decided to take the leap too, and I bought a rigid heddle loom and am almost ready to purchase a spinning wheel. I have put off both for too many years because something always came up to block these purchases (life: car repairs, kids needs etc.) 😉 But I feel confident I can actually generate an income from these purchases ( I researched and found what I could pretty much afford, without depleting my bank account completely). 😉 I wish you good luck in your journey forward, may we both find enjoyment in our creations! paula

  2. Good for you Rebecca! Your three reasons are a little older. Perhaps they have mellowed. I have two cats who surprisingly don’t bother with my punch needle stuff. Although, I like to brace my hoop on my legs on a recliner and sometimes Mitsy will sit at my feet and watch the needle pop through the back (front) of the hoop.

    I hope the hooking works well and I can’t wait to see your finished product(s)

  3. wonderful news Rebecca!!! you have such a talent and eye for color and design…looking forward to seeing what you hook…the babies are quite grown up now…but never underestimate their love for wool…my two can usually remain by my side when hooking, but sometimes the temptation is too much…so someone is on the rug on the frame, someone else runs off with a strip of wool…mostly they watch for a while and fall asleep…hugs

  4. Wonderful, top of the line investment! I have 2 kitties and at 3 & 4 they still love the challenge, there is something about wool too, I make them toys and they are more apt to play with wool over cotton toys. Glad to see you taking this risk. Best of luck!

  5. Rebecca,I know you will be making wonderful rugs and I can’t wait to see your work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!You are an inspiration to me, esp. with the primitive punch needle!

  6. I have really missed your blog! I have the cutter and it’s well worth the investment but it is a huge chunk of money. I work a lot of over time and put a little aside for such things. I also sold some personal things and purchased a Snap Dragon frame which was crazy expensive too but I also love it and it holds the fabric so tight which is great. I dream of owning a floor frame some day. You will have to tell me how you like yours after you play on it for awhile. And I hope you will do that soon. As far as your 3 best buddies go you’ll just have to get use to their desire to be involved because that will never change. As soon as you get a rug going on that frame they will see a padded high rise just for them. Welcome back.

  7. Good for you! I hope your friends won’t cause too much havoc so we can enjoy your creations once again. You have so much talent and inspire so many of us! Hugs, Lori

  8. Wow! Big investment! I can’t wait to see what you produce! Good for you! Love your work. I have a few of your pieces bought in Elk Rapids. They inspired me to learn to punch needle. Thank you!

  9. I really appreciate your timing on this–I just bought a used Bliss cutter on eBay and have been feeling a bit guilty. It’s hard to justify the expense when the water heater needs to be replaced and the co-pay on the dental visit is coming due, etc. But we mustn’t put a price on the joy hooking gives us. And that joy is magnified by the right tools. This need to create–even if we don’t make our living by our work–drives us like a fever. We ignore it at our peril. We minimize it and then wonder why our backs/heads ache. Love you work and your blog.

  10. I don’t know about the Townsend floor frame, but you will never regret purchasing the cutter. I know it’s crazy expensive but totally worth it!!!

  11. Nice to hear from you Rebecca. In the bigger scheme of things…. what’s a little extra cash put out for so much joy these tools will bring into your life.

  12. Apart from the kitty help, you will be so happy with your frame and cutter. I have both and they have made hooking that much more enjoyable. Should have bought the Orbiter years ago. Congrats!

  13. Good evening. I just found your wonderful blog. Congrats on the frame and the cutter! Wow, how cool. I have a cutter, but not the official frame. So far I haven’t been brave enough to give it a whirl so am web surfing for gumption I guess. Your needle punching is lovely. I like the more subtle tones too. ( Sorry, have read several posts and writing one comment.). Will be adding you to my reading list. 😊

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