well, i’m glad that’s over!  the presidential election, i mean.  the outcome may or may not have been what i was hoping for, but i did reach my ultimate goal by surviving these past, seemingly interminable, months.  my guess is that much of the country feels the same.  so, congratulations to each and every one of you for persevering and, may four years from now find us in a much less embittered battle!



wishing you peace and healing…..



4 thoughts on “whew!…..

  1. Nice comment and i agree an embittered battle..our small business can breath for another 4 years. Hoping the promises made can ease the tax burden and insurance cost that has prevented us from hiring more help. May he unite us as a country that we can help each other live a full happy and safe life

  2. It’s been a wild and bumpy ride to be sure. I resolve to keep my hands busy knitting and hooking rugs for the next 4 years…keeps the stress level down.
    Let’s all be our best selves.
    And yes, peace.

  3. Every day something brings you to the realization that all is relative. So, now we have a new president and also today now we have lost an icon. Good bye Leonard Cohen. Which is the greater gain and which is the greater loss.

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