witch, cat, jack…..

i started this piece a year ago…. a YEAR ago.  how embarrassing!  however, i did, finally, finish it and in time for this year’s halloween…..

witch, cat, jack on the mantle

“witch, cat, jack” on the mantle

this little witch is backed with black and white ticking….

ticking, ticking, ticking

ticking, ticking, ticking

lilly, what do you think of ticking?…..

"ticking? is that anything like cat food?" ~lilly

“ticking? is that anything like cat food?” ~lilly

the base, which resembles a rocker but acts more as a stand, is also finished with ticking, as is the handle of the “jack”….

more ticking

more ticking

how about now, lilly, any further thoughts about ticking?….

"oh! ticking! yes, i LOVE ticking!" ~ the lilly-kins

“oh! ticking! yes, i LOVE ticking!” ~ the lilly-kins

now that i finally have lilly’s approval and understanding, here is the finished Witch, Cat, Jack in all it’s glory….




you can visit this piece, along with my other offerings, in my etsy shop by clicking here.

may the witching season only cast the most happiest of spells!



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