I’ve been aware, lately, of a slight, ever so slight, feeling of division in our country.  A bisection, a breaking up, a partitioning, if you will.  Have you noticed it?  I mean, it’s ever so subtle, sort of like a rumbling of far off thunder….. hmmmm….

Actually, a better way to describe it is to say that it’s about as subtle as a hurricane, and potentially as destructive.  So, during this season of election, I punched Lori Brechlin’s, “United”…..



I wanted to remind myself that regardless of how vicious and dangerous the political stage is, right now, we are still a great country, filled with quiet, compassionate and decent human beings.

So, hang in there!  November 9th will, hopefully, find us on the other side of this troubling and desperate time, and on the road to healing our nation and, once again, see us united.


You can find Lori’s “united” design in her, “American Folk” pattern book on etsy ~ click here.


think happy thoughts!



6 thoughts on “united?……

  1. Yes, Rebecca you are right on all counts. The world as a whole seems to be getting darker and darker. May this election bring the needed changes our country needs to survive.

  2. I see a greater difference between the incomes of haves and have-nots…at work there are the high earning surgeons, doctors, CRNA’s and administrators…frequently heard complaining about taxes, socialists, the price of Scotch, The Lake Club and so on…then most of my are coworkers making a decent living, especially if they are a 2 income family, but they can always use more money and we have been on a wage freeze for many years with a minuscule 1-2% raise once in 8 years, a few of us with a single income and finally many of the patients who are low or no income… very different worlds from which to view our country…and world…

    I have heard many of my coworkers discussing their losing any hope of a raise in the next 5 years or so…after hearing the hospital just spent millions on property to expand in the future…this is all from my little bit of the world…imagine it’s happening everywhere…very few companies care about loyalty to their employees…

    I feel the government would rather promote the racial divisions than the economic ones…okay, off my soapbox…I am frightened for our country after this election, the candidate I vote for will not be the one I’d prefer, just the lesser of two evils…

    on a happy note, your punching and finishing is lovely as always Rebecca…I keep hoping you’ll have some photos of Ireland to share…or the cats or both…hugs

  3. What is happening to our America is frightening…especially for our loved children and grand children. I too will vote for the lesser of the 2 evils.
    GOD, please Bless America…our only Hope.
    United designs are perfectly wonderful.

    Peace for all, Barb

  4. I pray that this election will bring change ~ change for the better.
    How ironic we have our first black president and racial tensions are worse than they have been in a long time. {{Enough from me.}}
    May God Bless America.

  5. Well I sure hope your election gives you better results than what happened in Canada We are stuck with a real loser for the next 4 years and in the first 3 months this guy has gotten Ontario so far in debt it will take maybe 20 years or more to recover from. So afraid for this country.

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