my summer vacation….

Well, hello!

I didn’t realize, in June, that I was going to take the rest of the summer off blogging, but that appears to be just what happened.  What did I do while I was away?  Not much, I’m afraid.  At least, not much as far as punching goes.

However, I did go to Ireland….



…and, I went camping twice, and I spent a lot of time sitting in the shade reading.  That about sums up my summer!

Now, I’m working on some Halloween projects which I’ll be sharing with you asap.

wishing you a delightful September day!


5 thoughts on “my summer vacation….

  1. What a wonderful summer adventure!!! I am so glad you are back. I missed your posts. I thought you might like to see what your student of the internet is working on. Can’t wait to see your project.


  2. What a lovely picture Rebecca. You look like you are quite enjoying yourself. Now, just like school days after a summer vacation, it’s nice to ‘see’ you again.

  3. Top o’ the mornin’ to ya Rebecca …. glad you have returned to blog land. Looking forward to see what new ideas you have in store for us.

thank you for spending some time with me!

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