new from notforgotten farm……

The other day, when I posted my last, I visited Lori Brechlin’s etsy shop to create a link for you to her offerings.  I started looking through all Lori’s wonderful punch needle patterns and found that she’d added some new designs since the last time I’d been at her shop…. oh boy, was I excited!

farmhouse chores series

farmhouse chores series

I ordered, and received, this fabulous four entitled, “farmhouse chores series”…..

two little fun ones

two little fun ones

… and I couldn’t resist, “tokens of love” and, “polka dot angel”.  Now, of course, the trouble is, which one to start with?  You can stop by Lori’s Notforgotten Farm etsy shop by clicking here.

I’ll have to check out my other favorite designers to see what they’ve been up to!

What fun!



3 thoughts on “new from notforgotten farm……

  1. I’m with you I love Loris patterns you just inspired me to buy 2 more I just completed the polka dot angel couldn’t resist I think I had her finished before I had her out of the package I can’t wait to see the colors you use please share happy new year di

  2. It looks like you have some fun punching ahead for you. Something crossed my mind while reading directions to a pattern I purchased. This pattern states (as you stated in this posting) that one should use the #1 setting with x number of strands, but did not say what size needle to use. I normally default to a medium needle, but wondered if using the small needle (especially with smaller pieces like 3×5) would give a different result. So, do you ever use the small needle? I also sent the question to the pattern creator. I’m gathering answers. thanks Rebecca.

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