cathy shares….

I have some incredible finishes to share with you!  Cathy is a very talented needle woman, as you saw in this post.  Recently, she sent me some photos of her latest pieces and I am simply in awe!000_1209000_1375 000_1109 000_1440 000_1276

Wow!  Aren’t they wonderful?  Cathy does not, currently, offer her patterns for sale, but the second she does I will let you know!  Thank you, Cathy, for allowing me to share your beautiful projects!

I’ve been working on some Halloween themed pieces, too.  It’s going very slowly, however, because my arms hurt.  I have no idea why.  Maybe it’s related to my sciatica which I’ve been spending time with lately?  Lilly’s been trying to make me feel better….

"i can fit into the smallest places on earth" ~ lilly

“i can fit into the smallest places on earth” ~ lilly

One piece that I’d really like to finish is Wytch and Cat pull toy….



The little wytch sits in her pumpkin.  She’ll have two arms and I think she’ll hold a jack-o-lantern.



Cat is a little bigger than Wytch.  I’m planning to use autumnal colors…



Until next time, enjoy the last slice of August!



5 thoughts on “cathy shares….

  1. Hope your arms are better soon…that sciatica can be tough sometimes, wonderful finishes by Cathy, and I can’t wait to see yours as well. Take care!!

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