rabbit and sheep greetings pattern…

Marion emailed me the other day, telling me that she had already tried the turning technique I attempted to show you last time.  Wow, Marion!  You are fast!

She said that, while the technique worked, she ended up with so much extra backing fabric that her piece ended up looking like balloon after she stuffed it.  There’s a good reason why this happened…. yep, I forgot to mention something.

just a little extra

just a little extra

You may be able to see in the above that once the pieces are turned there’s just a little, like a very tiny bit, extra backing showing on each side of the punching.  I measured this excess and there’s about 1/8 inch to 1/4 inch extra on each edge.  So, that means that the initial fold of backing fabric I talked about last time is only about a half-inch to start with.  Here’s the photo from last post showing the first fold:

first fold

first fold

So, if you were to make that fold and measure just one side of it, it would measure about 1/4″.  Not very big at all.

The other thing I didn’t tell you was that I stitch down the extra fabric after turning but before stuffing.  Usually I “hide” the extra fabric in the seam between the punching and the backing.  Unfortunately, I don’t have any photos of that, and I’m pretty sure by this time your head is spinning ~ I know mine is!  (my golly, this process is hard to explain!)  Just remember, something has to be done with that extra backing fabric or the piece might look a bit swollen.  Also, just because I hide my extra fabric doesn’t mean anyone else has to!  I like the look of exposed seams, too, and think they add to the primitive feel of things like Rabbit and Sheep Greetings.

On to the pattern at last!

rabbit and sheep greetings

rabbit and sheep greetings

rabbit and sheep greetings reversed

rabbit and sheep greetings reversed

You can use this pattern in whatever medium you would like.  Please give me credit for the design.  This pattern, and all my patterns, are for your personal use and are not to be sold or mass marketed either in pattern form or finished pieces.  You are welcome to sell up to 10 finished pieces from this pattern.  I’d love to see pictures of what you come up with!

I haven’t stuffed my pieces yet, but right now the rabbit/sheep measures approximately 10″ tall x 7.5″ long.

Now, I have lots to do today, namely….

otis, ellis

otis, ellis

…snoozin’ with my peeps!

embrace the joy that is today!




4 thoughts on “rabbit and sheep greetings pattern…

  1. Thanks Rebecca. I really wanted to start punching your pattern tonite, but I didn’t get it drawn out today. We blew snow after supper and now I’m toooo lazy to start. Soon….

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