horse on a hill colors….

Diana asked me, a while…. quite a while ago, for the colors I used on Lori Brechlin’s Horse On A Hill design.  Here’s my finished piece…

horse on a hill, design by lori brechlin

horse on a hill, design by lori brechlin

What a FUN project this was, way back in 2012.  Here’s Lori’s blog link where you just may be able to find this awesome design… click here.  The above photo shows Horse on a Hill stained and aged.  Below shows it in it’s “virgin”, just punched, state….

no stains here

no stains here

It’s amazing what a little coffee will do!   And, here are the colors I used….OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Bottom row, left to right:  5, p3, H205, P9, P6

Top row, left to right:  JP11, 100, JP9, O579

Here’s what I used each for:

5 ~ for the lightest bits ~ scallops along edge, barn and fence

P3 ~ barn roof, spots on horse

H205 ~ large sunflower

P9 ~ horse, sunflower centers and a bit of the scalloped edge

P6 ~ small sunflower

JP11 ~ lighter background

100 ~ bluer background

JP9 ~ light green part of the hill

O579 ~ dark green part of the hill

These are all Valdani perle cotton #12 flosses which I used on my Cameo punch needle set at the lowest setting (#1), using two strands of each floss.

I hope this helps you, Diana, and anyone else interested in reenacting this version of Horse on a Hill!


Take care y’all!



p.s. are you ready for Santa???

6 thoughts on “horse on a hill colors….

  1. I always enjoy your posts, and your interpretations of color ways for my designs my friend! and no….not ready for Santa quite yet! Merry Christmas to you and yours, especially those wearing fur-pants!

  2. Rebecca thanks soooooo much for taking the time to put this together for me (diana) can’t wait to punch this merry christmas

  3. Rebecca it is always a treat seeing what is on your “hoop” as well as the finished product. I love the colors you used on the horse design and the details about the type of thread, number of strands and cameo setting. This is most helpful. I have a question. When you use a coffee stain do you start with a very dilute ” solution” of coffee and then go from there? When you are done with the coffee staining do you just rinse it with water or use a bit of soap as well?
    Thanks and Happy holidays,

  4. Oh I love this and I’m finally getting caught up on my emails (that’s how I follow your blog) and I LOVE this needle punch and your choice of colors are perfect and I also just found the pattern in Lori’s shop so I am going to buy it promptly!! I would love to know how you age your work once it’s completed though please if you wouldn’t mind sharing!!?? I used to design and sell my prim dolls years ago and now I am getting back to my prim sewing and such but the dolls were painted,stained, then sanded and stained more etc!! so I don’t think you can do that with needle punch or stitching?? thanks for any help you can give me I would appreciate it! Happy New Year to you and yours!! hugs Linda

  5. Love reading your posts and love how you interpret a design and how you make it your own. Love your antiquing of your needlepunch and the different methods of how you finish. So inspiring. I look forward to seeing what you will be working on in 2015.

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