let it snow…..

Over in our neck of the woods it’s downright…..



COLD!  “They” are calling for up to 9″ of snow in West Michigan before nightfall tomorrow.  Must be time to build a snowman!



This is the kind of snowman I like to make.  The kind that can be whipped up inside, where it’s warm and snug, and where there’s always a friend….



or two…..

lilly and otis....

lilly and otis

or three…

lilly, ellis, otis

lilly, ellis, otis…. i don’t think my lap will hold any more.

…to share a lap.

I think today’s snowman will go into my PHM shop next Friday when we have our update.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

For now, I’ll keep him inside with me where he can watch the snowflakes drift outside the window.

Until next time, be warm and happy!



5 thoughts on “let it snow…..

  1. It’s rare to see a photo of all three fur babies snuggling together 🙂 It makes one wonder about who’s “Top Cat I’m In Charge” and any allegiances, alliances… No matter really, just so lovely to look at. Mouse.

  2. Love your little snow feller!! Sorry for 9 inches of the white stuff though!! But really how sweet to have 3 furries on your lap! You are a lucky girl to have 3 who love you so…I do enjoy your posts. Thank you and have wonderful holidays.Pat

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