meet george and gracie….

My sister recently rescued two adorable kittens ~ I thought you’d like to meet them.

george on the left, gracie on the right

george on the left, gracie on the right

They are busy, busy, busy and they have a lot to do, so getting a clear photo of either of them is nearly impossible!



Gracie is a gorgeous, tiny, bit-of-a-thing.



George is a big, beautiful kitten who is  going to be a big, beautiful cat.

….and, those are the only clear (ish) pics I have of the hundreds my sister and I have taken of George and Gracie.  3 out of 300 isn’t too bad, is it?


enjoy the day!




7 thoughts on “meet george and gracie….

  1. Oh, what sweet lovely kitties and wonderful names! How good of your sis to rescue them! I am very busy here preparing for my first fiber art show this weekend, but just had to take some time out to visit your lovely blog to see what you’ve been up to. I’ve posted a sweet video on mine recently – me in my cutting garden and painting a piece of my pottery! You might enjoy it!

  2. They are wonderful kitties. I recently adopted 2 kitties one is 1 year old and the other is 10. I had forgotten how busy young cats are. Most days I only see a streak of black flashing by me. The older one fits in with my older cats. New cats change everything, and yes there are few picture that are clear here too..

  3. OMG, how sweet are they!! I could watch them play for hours!
    Also Rebecca, you did such a wonderful job on your Antique Cat punch needle mat.
    A mat to hook on my to do list!

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