finishes and a finish…

louise's family tree

louise’s family tree

I couldn’t wait to share this finish with you!  Louise sent me this photo of her punched version of Family Tree and I just LOVE it!  Isn’t it gorgeous?!  It makes me want to punch another one for myself using her color scheme.   lovely lovely lovely….  Thank you for sharing, Louise, and thank you for allowing me to pass on your beautiful work!

The weather has alternated between torrential rains and summery days.  The rain always makes me want to nap, but I haven’t been completely immersed in sleep… I have finished a few more things….

polly's moby dick

polly’s moby dick

Here’s Polly Minick’s, “Moby Dick” from the front and….

moby dick back

moby dick back

…from the back.  I’ve finished all of the Polly Minick pieces with this vintage ticking which I purchased online.   This was a smallish piece of ticking fabric which came well used and with a few holes.  I love the authenticity it lends to my embroideries.  Plus, the ticking is so beach-y ~ just like Polly’s pieces.

polly's sampler

polly’s sampler

I love samplers.  They always make me wish I liked to cross stitch.  I’m so glad there are designers, like Mrs. Minick, who create them in other mediums.

polly's boy on the beach

polly’s boy on the beach

I honestly did not think I would like punching Boy on the Beach, but it was SO much Fun!  Typically, I’m intimidated by lots of details, like the stars and stripes, but once I got going on this one, it was a delight.   Thank you to Polly Minick for her continued creativity!  By the way, Polly has NOT retired from her pattern making business…. OH JOY!

All three of these finished Polly Minick pieces are available in my etsy shop.  You can click here for more info and photos, if you’d like.

Have you been doing any punching lately?  I’d love to see what you’re working on!


best wishes for a happy day today, and every day!



9 thoughts on “finishes and a finish…

  1. Hi Rebecca,
    I love the colors Louise used in your design. So old looking. Well done! And your newest Polly M. pieces are wonderful as well!! The vintage ticking adds a nice touch to the back. I haven’t done a punched piece for some time and am wanting to start something soon. Thanks for the inspiration. Hugs, Lori

  2. The sampler is a beauty. Louise’s work is really neat. I hear she’s a newbie to punching ….. way to go Louise!!!

  3. Love the family tree done by Louise. Very nice work!

    Rebecca, your Polly M finishes are great. I like your method of adding the backing. I tried it with the whale. Besides looking cool, it sews more easily too.

    I need to add one more comment/question. Awhile back you stated on your blog that all you need is a little corner in you home for your supplies and crafts. I look around (everywhere) in our home and see ‘stuff.’ So, you must let me know if that comment was true or was it ‘tongue in cheek’

  4. Thanks everyone!
    Rebecca, I love, love all your new pieces!!
    The colors are just perfect and also love the way you finish them!
    Thanks again for this wonderful pattern!

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