oh my goodness…..

I actually finished something!  Just in the nick of time, too.  The Primitive Handmades Mercantile update is today, Friday, and here’s what I have to offer….

two sheep cookie cutters

two sheep cookie cutters

The sheep on the left has short/shorn fleece, while the one of the right is a bit fluffy/unshorn.  Put another way, the sheep on the left was punched on my usual Cameo #1 setting, and the one on the right was punched at a #4 setting.


I’ve finished a few more things, too ~ amazing ~ here’s Early Bird, a Lori Brechlin design:

early bird front

early bird front

I made this piece into a pillow stuffed with organic lavender.

early bird back

early bird back

I’ve also, nearly, finished my Steif-inspired sheep pull toy….

steif sheep

steif sheep front

steif sheep back

steif sheep back

However, I’m not sure I like the porcelain wheels, and am considering replacing them with metal wheels, which would be more in keeping with the traditional Steif pull toys.

You may be wondering what is up with the pockets on the backs of my pieces.  Well…. here’s the story:  I really dislike making and stitching on fabric tags ~ I don’t know why, I just dread the whole process.  But, for some reason, I really like making and sewing on little pockets with buttons.  I know… I KNOW! crazy, irrational and undeniably weird.  I mean, it’s a lot more labor intensive to make a little pocket than it is to make a tiny tag, but, there you have it, I LIKE making pockets, I DETEST making fabric tags, and life is too short to go around making tiny fabric tags, after all.  Right, Ellis?

"you betcha.  i love photo bombing, it's what i do best.... everyone should express their talents like i do." ~ ellis

“you betcha. i love photo bombing, it’s what i do best…. everyone should express their talents like i do.” ~ ellis

Do you have any thoughts on the subject of doing what you love, Otis?

"thoughts? me?" ~ the oatbran

“thoughts? me?” ~ the oatbran

May we always have the option to do what we love…. it makes life so very grand!



7 thoughts on “oh my goodness…..

  1. Hi Rebecca,
    Last weekend I saw some paper patterns online of punch needle witches from you, are they still available to purchase?

  2. Looks great! So fun! Wondering where you get your wheels for you pull toys … are they old or new-made-to-look-old? Keep up the great work!

  3. Hi Rebecca,
    I was on your Phm or etsy site last week and saw your witch patterns (downloadable) for sale? Are they still available? Fingers crossed!

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