glass cloche

glass cloche

I have this glass cloche which has been floating around the house not earning its keep.  When I saw it in the shop a year or so ago, I thought it would be perfect for something, which escapes me now.  At any rate, it wasn’t perfect for whatever I thought it would be perfect for, and so it’s been taking up space, a reminder of my inability to distinguish between a good idea and reality.  The real trouble with this dome is, though the glass is clear, the ribbing makes it difficult to see what it’s cloching, therefore nullifying it’s purpose, as far as I’m concerned…. that is, until this morning.

rosemary olive oil bread

rosemary olive oil bread

This morning, I made rosemary olive oil bread ~ yum.  Now, I love bread, but the thing about bread is it has to be kept in plastic or some sort of container so it doesn’t dry out, right?  Well, I just never seem to have the right sized vessel for my lumpy loaves, which always puts a damper on my bread making.  You’re thinking, “how about some foil or plastic wrap”, right?  Both perfectly good suggestions, but here’s the thing:  I have to actually unwrap and re-wrap the bread each time I want a slice.  This probably doesn’t sound like a huge and insurmountable issue, but for someone as simple (read:  lazy) as I am, wrapping and unwrapping are just too much botheration to bother with.  So, here I am with a loaf of bread that’s going to dry out and a glass cloche that I’m about to get rid of because it’s taking up too much room…

ah ha!

ah ha!

This is where my, “AH HA!” moment happens ~ “shall these twain combine to create the perfect oneness?”, I ask myself.



Heavens to Betsy!  Who would have guessed that the cloche would have been big enough to cover a whole loaf of bread but have been small enough to fit on my cutting board?  Would you have guessed it, Lilly?

"zzzzzzz...." ~lilly

“zzzzzzz….” ~lilly

Would you have guessed it, Ellis?

"zzzzzz......" ~ellis

“zzzzzz……” ~ellis

Oatbran, how about you?

"zzzzzzz......" ~otis

“zzzzzzz……” ~otis

I’ll bet if I got out the butter I’d get a more immediate response from my friends!

I love simple, obvious projects like this one.

May all our problems be so easily solved…..



6 thoughts on “simple….

  1. Fits the bread AND the board?? You better go buy a lottery ticket!!! But if the bread was a little to big to fit…..well that would be easy to fix!! Lol

  2. Ha! The story of the cloche is a VERY familiar one! Unlike you however, I have no fresh bread to cover…bummer! Needless to say, there it sits, empty and useless!

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