how are we doing?…..

I finally finished punching Family Tree….

family tree ~ punched but not aged

family tree ~ punched but not aged

Now, to age and finish…… finish ~ so much easier said than done, for me!

How about you?  Are you working on Family Tree or other projects?  Hope they are tremendously satisfying!




13 thoughts on “how are we doing?…..

  1. Love it, Rebecca. The colors are gorgeous. Did you use 2 strands at once to punch this? Can’t wIt to see the finish.

  2. I’ve run off the pattern for a later date this summer. So unique. I couldn’t imagine how those colors would work. That’s what separates a true artist from a novice like me.

  3. Very nice finish. I llike how you randomly fill the background colors. It gives such a striking perspective. I’m still working on finishing two projects here, so I”m well aware of finishing timelines (or lack thereof)

  4. Good afternoon

    Way back last march I printed off a pattern you had drawn of 2 horses with a big star between them. A few lollipop type flowers on the side.
    I’ve finished hooking it now. It’s an 8 cut. I still need to whip it but wanted to send you a picture?
    I enjoyed hooking the rug and it’s the first I’ve done intentionally for the floor.

    I can’t see and e mail but I’m using a phone so maybe it’s on the full site?

    How should I send the picture to you?


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