something old, something new…..

Hello!  I wanted to let you know, I opened a new etsy shop. :~>  It’s just for patterns and is called, “the simple quiet design”.  I wanted it to be called, “the simple quiet designs”, but I ran out of characters, (not character, I’ve got lots of that, just ask my mom).  You can find it by clicking here.  I still have my older etsy shop, the one where I sell my finishes ~ “the simple quiet” ~ which you can find by clicking here.  Both are works in progress, as am I.  I don’t suppose I’ll ever be a professional anything (“ah me” as Grandma would say), but I’m quite happy with this (very) small expansion.   We all have our priorities, after all, and expanding nap-time often takes precedence over expanding ones business interests!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

enjoy life however you can!



thank you for spending some time with me!

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