notforgotten farm frame…

Several of you have asked how I like the Lori Brechlin Notforgotten Farm hooking/punch needle frame I purchased.  Do I like it?  You Betcha!  It’s just perfect, as far as I’m concerned!  (You can click here to see my first post regarding the frame.)  So, would I recommend it for every puncher out there?  You Betcha!

ellis thinks it's pretty great, too

ellis thinks it’s pretty great, too

Lori’s gripper frame is just right for small embroidery patterns, and my first project, using the frame, was a Polly Minick punch needle flag.

polly minick design

polly minick design

Whilst I was punching this project my weavers cloth stayed drum tight on the frame ~ absolutely no slippage!   And, I didn’t need anything over my arms or over the grippers to protect me from gripper-attack ~ not once did I draw blood or even mar the surface of my skin while punching.  What a delightful change from my hooking frame where I take my life in my hands each time I use it, (unless I remember to cover my arms and the grippers, and I usually do remember, directly after my first flesh wound).

"which is prettier, me or the frame?"  ~ellis

“which is prettier, me or the frame?” ~ellis

All this modeling is exhausting for Ellis, but he still…..

"duty calls" ~ellis

“duty calls” ~ellis

….has the energy to play with his catnip sockie.


Until next time ~ be as light of heart as you can be!



2 thoughts on “notforgotten farm frame…

  1. I just received mine in the mail yesterday, haven’t used it yet but will put it to use very soon. I purchased your flag, glad to know it was the first piece you did on Lori’s hooking/punching frame, that makes it all the more special, I love this piece, thank you so much!

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