look what i got!….

The other day, I received a package from Notforgotten Farm….

notforgotten farm goodies

notforgotten farm goodies

Here’s a peek inside…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I’ve been looking and looking for the perfect lap~size punch needle gripper frame.  At last, I saw Lori Brechlin using her little wonder on her blog, and I knew I’d found what I was seeking.



This perfect gem angles, like in the photo above… or,



…sits squarely, which Ellis prefers.

perfectly proportioned

perfectly proportioned

See how perfectly proportioned it is?  Just right for a cat to fit under and help with ones work.

"notice the grippers" ~ ellis

“notice the grippers” ~ ellis

Ellis demonstrates the advantageously placed gripper strips.



I love how the gripper strips go all the way around the frame.  No loose bits of weavers cloth or rug foundation will sag on this frame!

"do you think Lori would let me be her gripper-frame spokesmodel?" ~ellis

“do you think Lori would let me be her gripper-frame spokesmodel?” ~ellis

Not only is this frame adaptable to different positions, it is, perhaps best of all, made from Notforgotten Farm trees by Lori’s husband and master craftsman, Peter.  Just knowing that I’m purchasing something made in a sustainable way by someone who cares about his work and his land makes me feel that much better about my latest acquisition!

Now, to test it out…

first project

first project

I think I’ll punch up this Old Glory flag design from Polly Minick using some of my favorite Valdani perle cotton #12:  p3, 4, and 6.  If I get it done in time, I’ll be able to add it to my Primitive Handmades Mercantile update this Friday ~ wish me luck!

If you’d like to visit Lori’s blog you can click here, where you’ll find links to her awesome frame and other fab items.

happy punching!








11 thoughts on “look what i got!….

  1. I am SO HAPPY that you’re pleased with our little frame my Friend ~ thank you so much! I also want you all to know that even though Ellis is so very handsome & helping, the ‘spokesmodel’ position has been filled ~ Iggy is the CEO of our entire indoor plant, while Minew is Operations Manager/Childcare Provider…but, if a position becomes available……. 🙂

  2. Looks to be a winner for sure .. high quality. Good luck with the flag. With the new frame you’re sure to make it!!

  3. Ive got my eyes on one of those , also. And I love all the other reasons you stated. Handmade, quality, and right from their own land. Love it. !!

    • hello marion!

      thank you for your question! the grippers, themselves, are tiny metal spines that catch the fabric, holding it taut. a fabulous and easy-to-use alternative to the hoop.

      enjoy the day!


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  5. Hi. I was wondering how you get the variations in the colors, especially in the white of Moby Dick below? He is beautiful! I also need to get some weavers cloth…any certain kind I should get or recommend any place specific to get it from? Thanks so much! Love all your work!

    • Hello there! Thank you so much for your questions and for following along with me!

      Essentially, I soak my finished embroideries in coffee ~ sometimes just for a minute or two, sometimes an hour or two ~ the longer the piece soaks the darker the stain will be and the “closer” together the colors will be. If I have soaked a piece too long, I’ll give it a good rinse in cold water, sometimes using mild dish soap if I’ve really gotten carried away with the coffee stain. Then, I wring out the embroidery, (just like wringing out a washcloth), or squeeze out the embroidery. This wringing or squeezing makes the stain “pool” in some areas and not in others, which is how I get that mottled look. Whew! I hope this helps!

      As for weavers cloth, I get mine from Joann’s. It’s a poly/cotton mix and I buy the “natural” color or the white.

      embrace the day!


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