polly minick designs….

The other day, fellow puncher Nancy contacted me about a Polly Minick design she wanted to punch using Valdani floss.  I googled “Polly Minick” and was instantly smitten with her hooked rug patterns.  Have you seen them?

polly minick's "american summer"

polly minick’s “american summer”

(You can click here to visit one of her sites where her pattern books are available.)  I found a contact email for her and immediately sent her a message asking if she would allow me to punch her designs and sell the finishes.  She was so nice and wrote back giving me permission ~ what a thrill!  The only sad part is that she has retired completely from designing and hooking professionally, but ~ hurrah! ~ she has lots of books to be explored!  I can’t wait!

polly minick's, "moby dick" with my valdani color choices

polly minick’s, “moby dick” with my valdani color choices

I ordered Mrs. Minick’s, “American Summer” and decided to start with the pattern that Nancy had asked me about, “Moby Dick”.  One of the things I love about this particular book is that all the patterns are the perfect size for tracing on weavers cloth ~ simple!



It didn’t take me long to punch this fun piece ~ the shapes are so straight-forward, and the colors Mrs. Minick used for her rugs were just right, I didn’t have to think at all, just threaded my needles and went to work.

finished but not steamed

finished but not steamed

I used the ticking I’ve become addicted to for the back and edge.  I wanted to show you the above pic so you could see how tight I pull my thread when edging.  I’ve been asked how I get the scallop edge, and the answer is, I pull my thread so tight that the punched piece curls.  Then I give it a good steaming with my Rowenta pressure steamer and….OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

…voila!  This finished piece measures somewhere in the neighborhood of 10″x4″ or 5″.  I haven’t listed Moby on etsy yet, but I will.  Next up, one of Polly Minick’s bathing beauties….OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Love her bathing suit!  I have one that’s very similar, but a little longer ~ gotta love those modesty suits.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI am so very ready for summer!

Since I’ve been busy playing with my Valdani threads and needles, my friends have had to entertain themselves for the most part….OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERARemember the rug I’ve been weekend-hooking?  Well, “somebody”…

"who, me?" ~ ellis, aka "the claw"

“who, me?” ~ ellis, aka “the claw”

…has been “helping” me regress Monday~Friday….

thanks, ellis

thanks, ellis, i never knew you were such an accomplished reverse hooker

As for Lilly, she’s been busy organizing her q~tips.

"i'll put them all in the sink ~ perfect!"  ~lilly

“i’ll put them all in the sink ~ perfect!” ~lilly

Otis spends some of his time observing Lilly’s technique…

"way to go miss lou!" ~otis

“way to go miss lou!” ~otis

….part of his time assisting Ellis….

"did you get all rebecca's wool un-hooked, yet, ellis? ~otis

“did you get all rebecca’s wool un-hooked, yet, ellis? ~otis

…and part of his time helping me with my Valdani.IMG_2606The sun is shining here today ~ I hope it’s shining for you, too!





21 thoughts on “polly minick designs….

  1. I love Polly’s patterns. I think I have all her books. Moby Dick is on my “to hook” bucket list. You’ve done a marvelous with the PN version.

  2. I couldn’t have imagined how tight you pull the thread for the edge … another tip to add to all the others you’ve given so freely. The blues and reds of these designs are yummy, and yes your use of color is amazing!! I’d like to squeeze those adorable little fur babies …. the sink scene takes the cake!!

  3. Love Polly’s designs ~ and you make any designer PROUD when you stitch (or punch, or hook) them ~ and wheat helpful little friends you have there ~ Lily is a hoot with those Q tips!
    Glad to ‘see’ you working again, I hope your snow is melting away!

  4. Hi Rebecca,
    I love Polly’s designs and love how you finished yours. I am huge fan of your work.
    I am sorry to hear that Polly will no longer be designing. I have the American Summer book and I am going to do the Mermaid in punch needle. Right now I am trying to finish up my listings for PHM. Yes, it is this week.!

    • oh my goodness, linda, i’m so glad you reminded me that phm is this friday! i’ll be getting down to brass tacks right away….

      thank you for your kind words, and for the reminder!


  5. Rebecca, I happened on your blog and I am thrilled. I love Polly Minck’s work. I’ve seen her books for sale and have thought of purchasing one. From your remarks it appears that purchase would be a good choice. I’m fairly new to punch needle and I’ve been looking for someone to share my excitement. You do a nice job offering pictures. I especially enjoyed the kitties. I have two myself.

  6. Wow, you did a fantastic job
    Yes, I have retired from teaching, workshops, and cutting down on travel!
    However, I am in studio and still creating new designs and still hooking for my customers
    Send me more photos – great work

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