elvis has left the building….

“Elvis has left the building”… that about sums it up for me.  I’m not an Elvis fan, but substitute the words “my muse” for “Elvis” in the preceding sentence and you may get a sense of how I’m feeling…. No?  Still not making sense?  Perhaps a visual will help.  This is how I feel:



That is actually a picture of me, on an airplane, but it demonstrates my level of productivity.  I’m totally uninspired, creatively bereft, stagnant, cocooned.  Could it be this relentless winter?

winter? what winter?

winter? what winter?

Yep, that’s a building in the above photo.  It’s one of the local high schools.  We have a tiny bit of snow.  Just a wee bit.

Here’s my mother-in-law…char

…she’s nearly 6 feet tall.  

Depending on which source I reference, we’ve had somewhere in the neighborhood of 130″ ~ 150″ of snow, so far…. SO FAR!  and it’s STILL snowing!

Don’t misunderstand me, I LIKE  winter, it’s Lovely! but I think it’s affecting my brain.  I have all sorts of fun projects I could be working on….


s is for sheep

This little sheep is waiting patiently for her future to be Now.  Can I muster up the energy to fill her with fluff and mount her on a pull toy? no.


g is for giraffe

How much fun could I be having putting the above giraffe together with one, almost twice as big, that I have punched, stained, stitched and ready to stuff?  Sooo much fun!  Am I having fun?? no.

e is for elephant

e is for elephant

I could be choosing colors for “E is for Elephant”, but am I?

I’m sure I’m not alone.  Not only are some of you in the same predicament, ~ in fact, you may have even More Snow ~  but my companions are also “taking advantage” of the UNbelievable amount of outside fluff and catching up on their nap time.





As I sit quietly in my chair, awaiting the return of inspiration, all I can hear (aside from the howling wind) is a soft snoring.  It’s all most soporific and I feel myself nodding off.  Ah well, tomorrow is another day, perhaps THE day when a hint of Spring will waft its way into our lives….  Not according to the weatherman, however.

Until the time when I’m feeling up to doing more than pecking out a sentence or two with one finger, I leave you with a fabulous antique rug ~ look at those colors!  Wouldn’t it make a fun and relatively simple punch needle?

a horse and a horse, of course

a horse and a horse, of course, of course

Feel free to grab the above picture, trace it and punch or hook it!  Oh, and be sure to send me a photo of your finish….. maybe I’ll be able to ride on the coattails of your creativity!

may you be warm and merry!






7 thoughts on “elvis has left the building….

  1. I hear ya Rebecca… My bones are cold and wondering if there is an end in site… The only good thing is tomorrows another day and like you said may be there will be a hint of a spring ahead…

  2. I can sooo relate. Been in a bit of a slump myself. Remember I told you a while back when we had a slight reprieve, I repeat, a slight reprieve from the snow and extreme cold? I said we live in Michigan, hold on it will change. Well change it did huh … lucky us!!! 🙂

  3. i just noticed that it is still light out at 6pm. and it is march. and… it’s not february anymore… and… ! yes, many of us are in hibernation too, but want to come out of it. i would love to see your finished projects when you feel like doing them. they look adorable so far. thanks for sharing where you are at today! every creative soul needs a hibernation from time to time!

  4. Snap out of it!!!!! don’t let a little (ok a LOT) of snow deter you from doing what you love to do ~ you are WAY too creative for that!
    Now, get up and at em! I’m sure with the help of Ellis, Otis & Lily, you can get back to being yourself :))
    I like to visit Pinterest (a little too much) when I need a dose of color/season/or just plain change ~ out of my comfort zone.
    Love you & what you do Rebecca!

  5. When I’m in a funk like this I try to get as much outside (and I don’t mean in the snow) inspiration as I can. I check out Pinterest, I look up my favorite artists – especially those who don’t do what I do. I buy loads of magazines and dream away. This will pass but sometimes it helps to have a little fun thrown into the day.

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