g is for giraffe, rise and shine, early posy crossroads, phm….

Whew! that’s a long title for a post, but I’m playing catch-up.

Let’s start with, “g is for giraffe”.

"this one?" ~ellis

“this one?” ~ellis

Yep, that’s the one, Ellis.  Flip it over, please…

g is for giraffe

g is for giraffe

G is for Giraffe turned out to be a biggie.  It measures in the neighborhood of 10″ long x 8″ wide ~ much larger than I had intended, but I really wanted to have a mama and a baby giraffe, so the pattern grew.  Speaking of patterns, you can find both the pattern and the original of G is for… on my etsy shop ~ click here, if you’d like.

Next up, Rise and Shine!

"do what and what?" ~the oatbran

“do what and what?” ~the oatbran

I guess that’s asking too much of Otis….

rise and shine

rise and shine

Rise and Shine, too, is there, in my etsy shop.  Both pattern and original are available.  Want to check them out?  Click here.

I finally finished Robin Leuschen’s ~ Bird in the Hand Primitives ~ Early Posy Crossroads…

early posy crossroads

early posy crossroads

Robin has the pattern available and you can find it by visiting her blog ~ click here.

Dying to see more pics of my finish?  Just click here to step into my etsy shop!

Finally, this Friday, tomorrow in fact, is the February update at Primitive Handmades Mercantile.  Here’s what I’m offering this month.

three little sheep

three little sheep

You can stop by my PHM shop to see this flock starting tomorrow, Friday February 21.  Click here to get there.

And now, after all this work, I think I’ll join Lilly, who knows exactly what to do after a long week…..

"shhhhh..." ~lilly

“shhhhh…” ~lilly

Pull up the covers and take a snooze.

Wishing you a restful and happy weekend!




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