one rug down, another in progress….


finished rug!

finished rug!

Well, YaHoo!  I finally finished the rug for our entryway.  The above is the only photo I took sans cats.  The rug quickly became a favorite spot….

"ah... life is all peace and tranquility..." ~ ellis

“ah… life is all peace and tranquility…” ~ ellis

Ellis was the first to discover the new flooring, but he was soon joined by Otis….

"i just want a tiny corner, ellis..." ~ otis

“i just want a tiny corner, ellis…” ~ otis

Ellis is not yet ready to relinquish his territory and a mighty battle ensues….

"this rug is not big enough for the two of us, partner!" ~ ellis

“this rug is not big enough for the two of us, partner!” ~ ellis

After the fur settles, Oatbran enjoys his corner and then some.

"ta da!" ~ oatsy

“this rug is mine, all MINE!” ~ oatsy

Lilly came along shortly after Otis’ victory….

"this is my rug, lilly." ~ otis

“yo lilly! SCAT!” ~ otis

…and the fur continued to fly.

While I was upstairs taking photos of the rug, I took this photo of the “art gallery”…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I’ve been thinking about taking all the paintings and globes down and just having simple white walls, but, now I don’t know… I think I kind of like this view.

Anyway, on to the next weekend-hooking-project.

what a wrinkly mess

what a wrinkly mess

Between the grid I drew on the linen and the wrinkles from over two years of storage, it’s nearly impossible to see the design.  Here’s the original rug from which I took my inspiration.

2 horses 6 birds original antique rug

2 horses 6 birds original antique rug

For some reason, which escapes me, I decided to make my rug shorter and wider than the original.  However, I did draw the pattern just like the original so I’ll share that here.  I think you can just grab the photo below and drag it to your desktop.

2 horses 6 birds

2 horses 6 birds

Here’s the pattern reversed, if you’d like to punch it.

2 horses 6 birds, reversed

2 horses 6 birds, reversed

When I drew up the design on linen two years ago, I made a small start on the rug.

a beginning

a beginning

I think I must have been feeling extremely ambitious, because all my strips are about 1/3 the width of my usual cuts….

strip on the left ~ usual cut (about .5 inch to .75 inch) strip on the right ~ oh my gosh, what was i thinking?

strip on the left ~ usual cut (about .75 inch to 1 inch)
strip on the right ~ oh my gosh, what was i thinking?

…um….. yeah…. This is going to take me a loooonnnngggg time.  Because I hand tear all my strips, now, I’ll be tearing wool for this rug and then hand cutting each strip into three narrow strips.  That won’t be time-consuming, at all.  Maybe I can recruit a helper… “Lilly?  How about it?  Will you lend me a paw?”

"ha ha ha ha ha ha HA!" ~ lilly

“ha ha ha ha ha ha HA!” ~ lilly

*sigh*… guess I’m on my own.

May you always be happy and healthy!









14 thoughts on “one rug down, another in progress….

  1. I like how you shortened the piece and elongated the horses, makes it more folk art, very nice. Your kitties are funny, mine think hooked rugs are for their amusement and pull the loops out, so haven’t been putting out too many.


  2. Smart little fur babies…. they know a work of art when they see it! Bet if you do take down your gallery you’ll be sorry … then all the work of putting it back up! 🙂

  3. Love your rug!!! Did you do any of the paintings in the art gallery walls? It is so lovely! The cats love your rugs, lucky them!! Might have to punch the horse pattern, thanks for always sharing your patterns and colors used!!! Very kind of you!!

  4. I have done 2 small rug hooking projects only 1 is finished . . . can you share with me how you “hand tear”? Then do you cut down the hand torn strips with scissors or a rotary cutter or are you lucky to have a strip cutter . .. I still wonder if I would like a frame — I use a wide quilting hoop. How do you finish your rugs?

    Your cats just crack me up no end Especially the laughing Lily! You were certainly blessed with these 3 little lives!

    Love both rugs — gorgeous !!! I would probably take my shoes off if I was in your entryway!


  5. Rebecca
    I love the rug it looks great there. Whenever I am making a rug I consider it
    belongs to the cats. They rule here too. I do like the pictures they are all so unique, they look good there.. The new rug looks like a lot of fun. Cheers, Carole

  6. Preparing all of those strips will take a lot of time… Maybe this would be a good time to visit a friend who has a cutter? Unless of course, your process is all about enjoying the journey…. By the way, I love your foyer paintings and the globe collection too! Don’t take them down!

  7. I love it all, including your kitties!
    Looking forward to seeing your work in progress on your wonderful adaptation!
    Love the shape of it too, so folky!
    xo Louise

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