h is for horse and polka dot horse finished….

Today, we are enjoying wind chills in excess of -20*F and snow ~ lots and lots of snow.  So, I’m not out cross-country skiing or building a snowman.  No, I am indoors where it’s warm and cozy, though I have ventured out twice to fill the bird feeders…. brrrrrr.  Those poor little birds and squirrels need all the help they can get right now, and those of us who stay inside enjoy watching the action at the window feeder.

endless entertainment

endless entertainment

A while ago, I told you about H is for Horse….

h is for horse

h is for horse

…and Polka Dot Horse Pull Toy.

polka dot horse

polka dot horse

I managed to finish both these pieces and they were so much fun!  Here’s H is for Horse…

h is for horse completed

h is for horse completed

I backed and edged it with ticking which I aged.  I think this is the first time I’ve edged a mat with ticking and I was quite pleased with the way it turned out, but I’d like someone else’s opinion…

There’s Lilly…. Oh Lilly!

"what, me?" ~ lilly

“what, me?” ~ lilly

What do you think of the ticking?IMG_1684

I see.  Well let’s find someone else to ask…. Oh! there’s the Oatbran….

"you rang?" ~ otis

“you rang?” ~ otis

What are your thoughts about ticking, Otis?IMG_1670No sense in pressing my luck, so I won’t be asking Ellis what he thinks.  Anyway, I liked the ticking so much, that I used it to finish Polka Dot Horse.

backing polka dot horse

backing polka dot horse

Here you can see the reverse side of the ticking which I aged with a coffee bath.  The long folds I have pinned are the legs of the horse.  The only way I can possibly turn those skinny legs is by giving myself twice as much backing fabric as embroidery.

leg finished

leg finished

Sometimes, when I finish a piece where I’ve left myself more backing than fronting, I’ll hide the extra fabric by stitching it under the embroidery.  With this horse, however, I wanted a worn, tattered, loved, and patched look, so I made the extra fabric on the legs into obvious seams to look like repairs done by some long ago hand.



It may seem like anathema to use sandpaper on an embroidery, but not in this case.   I sanded the whole horse vigorously to give him a well-used look.



Though difficult to see in the above photo, there are a few, just a very few, stitches missing on horses’ face.  I pulled out a couple, here and there ~ after all, any toy that has been played with and loved by a child is bound to be missing a few bits.

salvaged wood and wheels

salvaged wood and wheels

For the base of the pull toy I used a length of painted board, chipped, scratched, cracked and dinged by time, and 4 rusty vintage wheels.  The “pull” is an antique glass knob with a bit of twine.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

And, there you have it… one Polka Dot Horse Pull Toy.

You can visit the pull toy on etsy by clicking here, if you’d like.  H is for Horse has sold, but the pattern is available in my etsy shop.



TTFN! (ta ta for now!)

Put on a sweater, snuggle under a blanket and stay warm, my friends!







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