valdani must-haves….



Sonja wrote and asked me if I could provide a list of my favorite floss for someone just starting out with Valdani. A tough assignment, to be sure!  I love all the Valdani I’ve ever tried, but….



with Ellis’ help, I whittled down my answer to Sonja’s question from, “all Valdani is absolutely essential”, to the following, abbreviated, list.

Beginning with the neutrals I love and cannot do without…

4, 5, p4, p3

4, 5, p4, p3

4 ~ ivory

5 ~ light ecru

p4 ~ aged white light

p3 ~ aged white medium


h205, p5, o154

h205, p5, o154

h205 ~ ancient gold

p5 ~ tarnished gold

o154 ~ dark antique gold


h202 or o579

h202 , o579

h202 ~ withered green

o579 ~ faded olives

my favorite green is…



pt2 ~ green twisted tweed


o578 jp11

o578, jp11

o578 ~ primitive blue

jp11 ~ heavenly hue




o510 ~ terracotta twist


jp5, jp6

jp5, jp6

jp5 ~ nantucket rose

jp6 ~ muddy pots




o505 ~ toffee pearl


h212, p9

h212, p9

h212 ~ faded brown

p9 ~ bronze


3 or 8112

1, 8112

1 ~ black

8112 ~ black medium

I get almost all my size 12 perle cotton Valdani from ~ click here, and I use a Cameo needle set to the lowest loop height (#1).


I hope this helps ~ thank you for your question, Sonja!

may you all enjoy a warm and wonderful weekend!











12 thoughts on “valdani must-haves….

  1. Thanks, Rebecca,
    I don’t punch often, but one of these days will splurge on Valdani and give them a try. Thank you so much for sharing.
    Happy New Year!
    Hugs 🙂

  2. Great question Sonja and thanks Rebecca for giving us a great list. I would like to start doing more punchneedle and I like the cost of the DMC better but I hate re-threading my needle every 2 seconds. So I want to go with the Valdani. This gives me a great start and I love all the colors. I’m not into bright colors, I like the muted ones and the prim ones. Happy New Year Rebecca!!

    ps…do you use just one strand on the #1 setting?

  3. Thanks so much for sharing your favorites ~ we have the same taste in colors! Do you use the stranded Valdani or the Perle? I’m a perpetual beginner when it comes to punch needle and I would love to move past that stage!

    • Hello Lauralee!

      thank you for stopping by my blog, and for commenting! i use 2 strands of Valdani size 12 perle cotton with a Cameo punch needle set at the lowest loop height ~ #1.

      enjoy the day!


  4. I just had to send a note. I am shopping at Snowflake Memories right now as I need some blues and navies and burgundies. I sometimes lose track of color numbers, so I thought I’d check your blog. So, please let me say thanks Rebecca for your generosity in all you do. I found some numbers and I’m on my way back to Snowflake Memories! Happy Trails from Yooper Trails.

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