weekend hooking….

I’ve been remiss….OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI started this rug two whole years ago, when the cats were kittens and hooking was a solitary activity.

the oatsy-toatsy

the oatsy-toatsy

My, how things change.

the elly~belly

the elly~belly

Hooking has become a group activity.



Before the advent of the kittens, I was a hooker through and through.  I did some punch needle, but my true love was wool.

wool, oh so soft... almost as soft as ellis's coat

wool, oh so soft… almost as soft as ellis’ coat

This rug hasn’t seen the light of day in those two years.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Hooking a rug is like planting a garden ~ one seed, one stitch, and time… lots and lots of time.  Just as a garden grows, so do my rugs….OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

…one quiet row after another….OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

…the whisper of wool against linen, it seems that those single stitches, those tiny seeds, will never amount to anything.

three best friends forever

three best friends forever

But, like gardens and hooked rugs, like friendships, the more time one gives to a thing, the more that thing will grow.


So, this is where you’ll find me, nearly every weekend.  Cultivating my long neglected rugs…

ellis and lilly

ellis and lilly

…and keeping good friends near and dear.


May you always find the time to give the time to the things you love!



19 thoughts on “weekend hooking….

  1. my idea of bliss…hooking with helpers…those three kittens have sure turned into a beautiful family…the rug is such a delight…thanks for brightening my day!

  2. I can’t seem to choose what I love best about this post, my Friend ~
    ….your writing style, those wonderful fur-characters that ‘help’ you, your rug-in-progress, your home decor, your sense of clothing style or your hair!
    I LOVE it ALL & I love you too ~ thank you for sharing your life with us 🙂
    Happy New Year & Happy Beginnings & Endings!

  3. Love the look of this rug so far, you’ll have to post again when you finally do complete it. I give you lots of credit for going back to it — i also tend to put things off, but i also end up never finishing them. LOL. Happy hooking! Tammy

  4. I love your article about working on this rug. Did you finish the rug? What are you working on now? I have a blog on wordpress too, fatfitanfab.com where it is all about daunting tasks an the joy of living fabulously despite. I see we could easily be pals. Can you do a tutorial on how to do this kind of rug hooking. I have never seen it before. Thanks. Gina

  5. I’d like to do a wall hanging with your pattern..Maybe 13″x 27′..I have no idea what yarn or backing to use…I have never done rug hooking…Can you provide me some info?…..

  6. Any updates on this finished rug?? I love the last sentence! Inspiring! Thx! Gotta get my ‘rug fix’ now too ❤️😂😍

  7. Hello, I have a question about punch needle. The wook doesn’t stay underneath and form a stitch, every time I get the punch out and in again, the previous stitch comes out.

    I am desperate, can you explain me why this happens?


  8. I am so new to rug hooking that I haven’t even started my first piece yet. I am forming a new group (for the lack of one where I live) and I will learn with a few other ladies via YouTube. I love this beautiful piece you are working on and I especially love how your pretty things are your kitty’s pretty things. I can see they have already taken to your new rug (which I guess is finished by now looking at the date of this post).

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